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BDT's Capacity Building


Capacity building in ITU's context refers to strengthening the human and institutional capacity of developing countries to adapt to an evolving ICT and telecommunication sector. Building broad telecommunication/ICT literacy enables citizens to access and contribute information, ideas and knowledge in order to create an inclusive information society. Providing assistance in human and institutional capacity building that improves telecommunication/ICT skills to support the development and use of telecommunication/ICT networks and applications continues to be a priority for the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D).

In this regard, the strategic goal of the ITU-D is threefold, and includes:

  • To promote the availability of infrastructure and foster an enabling environment for telecommunication/ICT infrastructure development and its use in a safe and secure manner;
  • To provide assistance to developing countries;
  • To expand the benefits of the information society to the membership in cooperation with public and private stakeholders, and to promote the integration of the use of telecommunications/ICTs into the broader economy and society as drivers of development, innovation, well-being, growth and productivity globally.

    Furthermore, the objectives of ITU-D, according to the ITU Strategic Plan, include Objective 5 which refers directly to capacity building and development.
Objective 5:

To build human and institutional capacity in order to improve skills in the development and use of telecommunication/ICT networks and applications, and to foster digital inclusion for people with special needs, such as persons with disabilities, through awareness raising, training activities, sharing information and know-how and the production and distribution of relevant publications. 


The Human Capacity Building Division of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) works to strengthen the human, institutional and organizational capacity of developing countries in a manner that prepares them for the challenges of a digital economy.  


This mission is achieved through a) information and resource sharing on all major topic areas covered by ITU-D activities; b) delivery of ICT learning, training and development opportunities designed to build capacity across all social layers; and c) promotion of current and best-in-class human resources strategies and management practices. These activities are carried out a) through our ongoing regular programme activities; b) through special projects; and c) through partnerships, including the ITU Centres of Excellence and Internet Training Centres. Upon request, we also provide advisory and consulting services to Member States in the areas of human capacity and organizational development. Our capacity building interventions, resources and tools target different audiences - ranging from government policy-makers and regulators, to professional business-focused curricula for ICT executives and managers, to specialized programmes for technical and operational staff.