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Industry Advisory Group for Development Issues / Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers' (IAGDI - CRO)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is iagdi-cro?​

​​​In​ 2012, ITU decided to further enrich GSR by launching the Chief Regulatory Officers (CRO) meeting, open to all private sector executives member​s of ITU, in charge of public policies and regulatory issues. CRO brings together ITU-D Sector Members to dis​cuss common issues, share best practices, ​identify public-private partnerships and regulatory processes.
Pursuant to Resolution 71 (Rev. Buenos Aires, 2017), the Industry Advisory Group on Developm​ent Issues (IAGDI) was established to foster ​exchange of information, assist in identifying and coordinating development priorities and regulatory barriers.  

In implementing Res 71, a decision was made to hold joint meetings of IAGDI and CRO in order to bring synergistic benefits.

This year the IAGDI-CR​O met before the core meeting of GSR-20. In the future, IAGDI-CRO will be convened back-to-back with some ITU and non-ITU major events.

IAGDI - CRO Meeting


Regulation for Digital Transformation - An industry perspective​

The IAGDI-CRO meeting took place virtually on Monday, ​31 August 2020 from 13:00 to 16:00 CEST.

This meeting addressed critical questions and proposed ways forward, from the industry's perspective, on the business and regulatory landscape challeng​es and shifts during COVID-19, and new partnership approaches within the context of revised growth forecasts for the global economy.


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