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WTDC-17 Programme of pre-events (8 October 2017)

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Pre Event: Together for an #ACCESSIBLE WORLD

Globally 1 billion people worldwide currently live with some form of disability . The number of older persons is expected to grow to more than 2 billion by 2050, the majority of which will live in less developed regions, while over 1 billion youth are in danger of hearing loss due to their unsafe listening habits. This means that the number of persons affected by a form of disability could touch half of the world's population in the next 30 years, all of whom require accessible information and communication technologies (ICTs).

This WTDC-17 pre-event on ICT accessibility, together for an #accessible world, will bring together ITU Members and related stakeholders from all regions to share their views, challenges and success stories to jointly pave the way forward towards a global implementation process for an inclusive society.

Many countries have already started fostering ICT accessibility in their countries by creating ICT accessibility policy frameworks on public ICT access, mobile communications, TV/video programming, public procurement of accessible ICT and accessible government websites. The session and its networking opportunity will provide practical guidance, recommendations and partnership opportunities to facilitate and promote the work on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities, including age related disabilities.

The work each of us does in this area makes a difference but only by working together can we make a global change. Please join the "together for an #accessible world" pre-event, networking and pitching opportunity. The pre-event programme includes:


1. An introduction of BDT's work and resources on ICT Accessibility available to support Member States in related implementation in their countries, including its web accessibility and public procurement capacity building programme, Model ICT Accessibility Policy and the work of ITU-D Study Group 1 Question 7/1 on "Access to telecommunication/services by PwD and with specific needs."


2. Interactive discussions on :

- ICT accessibility challenges faced by decision-makers today and identification of steps to overcome these challenges

ITU Members will identify challenges they face and lessons learned in implementing ICT accessibility, to learn from similar experiences and identify implementation challenges that can be overcome or avoided.

- Sharing good practices, success stories and available solutions to implement ICT accessibility

Members and key leaders from all regions will share their positive experiences, views on implementing ICT accessibility solutions and advice on how their experiences can be replicated to inspire other Members to take similar actions in their countries;

- Building an accessible world together and making ICT accessibility a reality
This WTDC-17 pre-event will identify and highlight concrete future steps to be taken with regard to global implementation of ICT accessibility, from where to begin, what to do and how to do it.

Selected panelists will be invited to the podium to discuss one of the three topics above, while the moderator will also encourage comments from the pre-event participants.

Pre-event moderator Mrs Roxanne McElvane Webber, Chair of ITU-D SG1.

Panelists: Representatives from Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mali, People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, Spain and United States of America. Interventions from the pre-event participants are encouraged.


3. ICT Accessibility Networking and Pitching Opportunity

The WTDC-17 pre-event will conclude with an interactive and informal gathering around a "tea/coffee time" moment that will enable pitching proposals, face-to -face networking, development of partnership opportunities and agreements announced by partners aiming to support ICT accessibility projects and activities.




Join this pre-event to be together for an #accessible world!


A video of ITU Members' statements and visions on ICT accessibility will be shown during the networking and partnership opportunities moment.
For more information see Digital Inclusion Events to WTDC-17
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Pre Event: ICT④SDGs in LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS


The 2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development has pledged that "no one will be left behind", to ensure that all people equally benefit from the rights and opportunities that the SDGs voice. In terms of ICTs, this means that efforts need to focus on achieving a truly inclusive information society. The last decade has seen great progress in terms of connecting previously unconnected areas and ICTs have brought new opportunities to most people in the world. However, still today, 3.9 billion people, constituting more than half the world's total population, are offline. The majority of these people live in the world's most vulnerable countries. In many developing countries - in particular the least developed countries (LDCs), the landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS) - development challenges also hamper the spread of ICTs. These challenges include limited and costly access to national and international connectivity in small and isolated communities, difficulties in the rollout of terrestrial communication infrastructure across large land areas, and lack of or limited direct access to the sea.

This Ministerial Roundtable will highlight how ICTs are accelerating the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and discuss national initiatives on how to address and overcome barriers to ICT affordability, connectivity, access, and use. It will identify ICT strategies and policies, innovative technologies, and investment opportunities to drive ICT developments. It will also highlight the role of the private sector.

The event will include the launch of a special ITU report on ICTs for SDGs in the LDCs, which has been prepared by ITU, jointly with the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS).


More details​ and Agenda

The draft agenda is available in English │ عربي中文 │ EspañolFrançaisРусский (in pdf format).



For more information, please contact

No92ItemWTDC17 [1002] Pre Event: ICT④SDGs in LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS, QUEBRACHO (A&B) 5th floor : 08/October/2017 14:00-16:00WTDC1785 (A&B) 5th floorWTDC17 [1002] Pre Event: ICT④SDGs in LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS, QUEBRACHO (A&B) 5th floor : 08/October/2017 14:00-16:001002[Description][Description]Side event10/8/2017 16:0010/8/2017 14:00No
Pre Event: Private Sector Roundtable : Partnering for SDGs

The private sector has a fundamental role in advancing the newly-adopted sustainable development agenda. It is a driver of innovation, productivity and technological efficiencies and will remain an important player in terms of investment for sustainable economic growth, job creation, and transformation towards an inclusive society and digital economy.

With the SDGs, the world leaders are calling for creative and innovative solutions by the private sector to scale-up investments in activities that contribute to the goals though public-private partnerships.

The BDT, therefore, continues to enhance collaboration and synergies with its private sector members in the converged ICT ecosystem through enhanced partnership with industry associations, regional and international organizations and their existing networks and affiliated members. One example is the Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers (CRO) platform where private sector has been engaging through proposals and initiatives that can engage regulatory bodies and can also help fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 17 in particular.


Draft Agenda


For more information, please contact

No87ItemWTDC17 [1007] Pre Event: Private Sector Roundtable : Partnering for SDGs, PACARA 5th floor : 08/October/2017 16:20-18:00WTDC1780-PACARA 5th floorWTDC17 [1007] Pre Event: Private Sector Roundtable : Partnering for SDGs, PACARA 5th floor : 08/October/2017 16:20-18:001007[Description][Description]Side event10/8/2017 18:0010/8/2017 16:20No