About RPM Europe

The Regional Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-21 for Europe (RPM-EUR) takes​ place virtually from 18 to 19 January 2021. ​Main sessions will take place at​ 10:00h-13:15h and 14:00h-17:15h. For further details, please check here.

 RPM-EUR is being organized at the kind invitation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

In line with Resolution 31 (Rev. Hyderabad, 2010), the Regional Preparatory Meetings (RPMs) aim at engaging the membership in the preparations of the World Telecommunication Developm​​​ent Conference 2021 (WTDC-21) in order to achieve regional coordination before the conference itself. They also seek to identify issues at the regional level that need to be addressed to foster the development of telecommunications and ICTs, taking into account the most pressing needs faced by the Member States and Sector Members of the region.

Outcomes of RPMs will be consolidated at the inter-regional coordination meeting and discussed at TDAG 2021. The outcomes of TDAG will be submitted to WTDC-21 as draft documents for consideration. ​

Draft Agenda


Opening ceremony


Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman


Adoption of the agenda and time management plan


Digital Trends Europe


Reporting on the implementation of the WTDC-17 Buenos Aires Action Plan (including the Regional Initiatives), and contribution to the implementation of the WSIS Plan of Action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Report on the implementation of outcomes of other ITU Conferences, Assemblies and meetings related to ITU-D work: PP-18, WRC-19, RA-19, and WTSA-16


Preparations for WTDC-21


Report of the TDAG Working Group on WTDC Preparations (TDAG-WG-Prep)


Report of the TDAG Working Group on WTDC Resolutions, Declaration and Thematic Priorities (TDAG-WG-RDTP)


TDAG Working Group on Strategic and Operational Plans (TDAG-WG-SOP)


Identification of regional priority areas


Other business

Media Centre

​Mr Jaroslaw Ponder
Head of the ITU Office for Europe
Tel.: +41 79 599 1405
E-mail: eurregion@itu.int

​Subm​it your co​​ntributions

As per WTDC Resolution 1 (Rev. Buenos Aires, 2017), contributions should not exceed five pages and must be submitted using the online template available here. Please attach the original “Word" version of your contribution to the online submission form to ensure that all hyperlinks, graphics and tables are correctly displayed. In accordance with provision 13.2.2 of WTDC Resolution 1, contributions must be received no later than 45 calendar days, that is by 4 December 2020 (2359 hours, Geneva time), in order to be translated for the meeting. Contributions that do not meet this 45-day deadline but are received at least 12 calendar days before the opening of the meeting (i.e., by 6 January 2021) shall be published but not translated. Contributions received less than 12 calendar days before the meeting shall not be included on the agenda. 

Date of RPM-EUR Deadline to request interpretation and submit contributions with guaranteed translation Final deadline for submission of contributions
18-19 January 20214 December 20206 January 2021

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