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ITU-D Sector Membership

Upcoming Main Events

Partnership Dialogue on ICT④SDGs
Geneva, 30 September 2016.
The Dialogue aims to provide a platform for ITU-D Members and partners, including public and private sector entities, academic institutions and other stakeholders for enhanced engagement in the activities of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) by sharing existing services and products as well as partnership opportunities in the ICT ecosystem.  

The 7th Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers' (CRO7) Meeting will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 13 November 2016 as part of the pre-event programme of ITU Telecom World


​Through public-private partnerships, ITU-D is implementing projects and activities in the field of regulatory and market environment, market information and statistics, human capacity building, telecommunication technologies and network development, special initiatives for disadvantaged groups, special programme for LDCs, SIDS and emergency telecommunications, ICT applications and cybersecurity.

ITU Sector Members, Associates and Academia benefit from the Telecommunication Information Exchange Service (TIES). This is a set of networked information ressources and services offered by ITU without any charge to support your participation in the activities of the Union. TIES gives access to Conference and meeting documents including contributions, working documents and reports.


​are entitled to participate in:

the World Telecommunication Development Conference, Regional Preparatory Meetings, Study Groups and Working Groups, Telecommunication Development Advisory Group and its Working Groups, Global Industry Leaders Forum, working parties, seminars, roundtables and colloquia.

Minimum annual fee is 7,950 CHF for Sector Members based in developed countries and 3,975 CHF for Sector Members based in developing countries. ITU-D Sector Members may also make a larger contribution, which is most common among larger industry members.

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​are entitled to take part in the work of a selected single study group.

ITU-D Study Group 1 deals with Enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs, while Study Group 2 deals with ICT applications, cybersecurity, emergency telecommunications and climate change adaptation.

Associates are also entitled to participate in working parties, seminars, roundtables, colloquia, etc.

Minimum annual fee is 3,975 CHF for Associates based in developed countries and 1'987 CHF for Associates based in developing countries.

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are be invited to participate in global and regional conferences, workshops and activities of the Union, with the exception of plenipotentiary conferences, world radiocommunication conferences, world conferences on international telecommunications and the CouncilITU Academia are invited to participate in all ITU-D meetings and conferences including the World Telecommunication Development Conference and the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group, where they can be invited as observers in a non-advisory capacity. They are obviously welcome to participate in the work of ITU-D Study Groups 1 & 2. These institutions do not have a role in decision-making, including the adoption of resolutions or recommendations regardless of the approval procedure. Academia shall be allowed to participate and make proposals and interventions remotely.

Minimum annual fee is 3,975 CHF for Academia based in developed countries and 1'987 CHF for Academia based in developing countries.

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