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Measurement of progress towards the SDGs through ICT indicators

World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) 2017
Session 259: Monday, 12 June 2017, 14:30-16:15 hrs
Venue: Popov Room 2, ITU Tower, Geneva, Switzerland


The session highlighted the significant role ICTs will play in achieving the SDGs and highlighted the importance of measuring progress towards achieving the SDGs through ICT indicators, beyond the current SDG Indicators Monitoring Framework. Recognizing that ICTs have great potential to accelerate human progress as a tool and enabler to achieve the SDGs, the Partnership launched a Task Group on ICT for SDGs (TG-SDGs) that will prepare a thematic list of ICT indicators that will try to capture the cross-cutting and multi-faceted contribution of ICT to the SDGs. The TG-SDGs is open to all interested stakeholders and they were invited to inform the Steering Committee of their interest in joining the TG by 31 July 2017. The session further included country experiences on collecting ICT indicators for sectors that are relevant to the SDGs.


Alison Gillwald, Executive Director, Research ICT Africa