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 Welcome and Opening Remarks by

Mr. Mar​io Maniewicz 

Director of Radiocommunications​ Bureau


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  ​Interference to Satellite Systems: preventing or protecting?                                    16  September 2020  
                                                                                                                                         15:00 to 16:30 hs CEST​​​


From cases affecting scientific measu​​rements​, denying delivery of broadcasting contents, unauthorized use of satellite transponders, interrupting mobile or fixed services, to altering the satellite radionavigation information. Watch what the experts say and how the harmful interference can impact the space ecosystem. Understand ITU and every space stakeholders' role to prevent and mitigate interference. 



Jorge Ciccorossi
​( Moderator )

Senior Radiocommunications Engineer,
Space Services Department 


Glenn Feldhake

International Spectrum Program Manager 
NASA Glenn Research Center

​Elena ​Daganzo-Eusebio​

Frequency Management and Technology Eng. 
Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes

Elena  Daganzo.jpg

Ethan Lavan

Director of Orbital Resources 

 Gerhard Berz 

 Senior Expert Navigation Systems
 Radio Spectrum C​oordination
Berz Eurocontrol.jpg

​Non-Geostationary Satellite Systems​​:                                                                               07  October  2020
entering into the era of broadband service d​​elivery​                                                   15:00 to 16:30 hs  CEST          

Since the World Radiocommunications Conference 2019 took place in Sharm el Sheik, less than a year has passed overcoming turbulences and challenging circumstances. An overview of  WRC-19 decisions followed by presentations from  NGSO Operators will update us on the new regulatory framework and the current situation of these exciting projects, providing clarity on the direction towards WRC-23 and the benefits that  these systems will bring to the society in a near future.
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 Alexandre Vallet
( Moderator )

Chief, Space Services Department
Alexandre Vallet 2014.jpg

​Patricia Cooper

Vice President, Satellite Government Affairs

Patyricia Cooper.jpg

Jullie Zoller

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs,​
Project Kuiper
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JulieZoller photo.jpg

Mario Neri
Director, International Coordination
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Mario Neri.jpg

Ruth Pritchard-Kelly 

Vice President,  Regulatory Affairs
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Ruth Foto.jpg

Suzanne Malloy

Vice President,  Regulatory Affairs
Suzzanne Malloy.jpg

Geostationary Satellite Systems: a world of innovations 36000 km high          ​​       11 November 2020 
                                                                                                                                      15:00 to 16:30 hs  CEST


 WRC-19 has allocated new frequency bands and updated regulatory procedures where GSO Satellite Networks are concerned.The presentations will provide not only an overview of this decisions and the path forward to WRC-23 but also update the audience on the innovations and priorities that GSO operators are envisaging in the current changing context and for the years to come.​
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Nelson Malaguti
( Moderator )

​​Counsellor, ITU-R Study Group 4
Satellite Services


 ​Daryl Hunter

Chief Technology Officer
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Daryl Hunter.png


Kimberly Baum


Vice President, Regulatory Affairs,
KImberly Baum.jpg

Fabio Leite


Vice-President, Regulatory and Market Access


Fabio Leite.jpg

Hazem Moakkit

​Vice-President, Corporate & Spectrum Strategy



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