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ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries


​This scholarly, professional, peer-reviewed publication publishes original research on ICT technical developments and their policy and regulatory, economic, social and legal dimensions. It builds bridges between disciplines, connects theory with application, and stimulates international dialogue. This interdisciplinary approach reflects ITU’s comprehensive field of interest and explores the convergence of ICT with other disciplines. It also features review articles, best practice implementation tutorials and case studies. The ITU Journal welcomes submissions at any time, on any topic within its scope.​ ​

Current special issue on "The future of video and immersive media"​​​ 
Paper submission deadline extended:
11 December 2019

ITU Kaleidoscope academic conferences


These forward-looking academic conferences are an essential forum for universities, industry and research institutions of different fields, promoting the sharing of knowledge and identification of emerging ICT developments. Submit a paper... you could be the winner of one of the three best paper awards, which often translates into the opportunity to present your work to ITU for future collaboration. Noteworthy papers are also submitted for potential publication in IEEE Communications Magazine and other international journals.
Current Kaleidoscope ​conference on "Industry-driven digital transformation"
Paper submission deadline: 6 April 2020

Previous Kaleidoscope conferences

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Improve your skills and gain experience working in the UN agency for ICT… Contact Positions are for a duration of one to six months and cater to a broad range of skill sets.

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​Raise the profile of your academic institution and see the advancement of your ICT innovations through worldwide recognition and adoption of global standards…