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ITU-T activities on human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to radio systems and mobile equipment


​​ITU-T Recommendations on EMF​ 

This webpage provides references to the 

Please see presentation​ on ITU-T Recommendations on EMF.

​ITU-T Study Group 5

ITU-T Study Group 5 is responsible for studying ICT environmental aspects of electromagnetic phenomena and climate change. Study Group 5 develops standards on resistibility, human exposure to electromagnetic fields, circular economy, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation and mitigation.



​EMF Guide & Mobile App

​​EMF Guide & Mobile App
 in 6 languages provides information and education resources on Electromagnetic Fields suitable for all communities, stakeholders and governments and is available online at or via de iOS, Blackberry World and Google Play app stores. The Mobile app is designed for smart phones, tablets or desktops.
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The work and activities on EMF issues are carried out within Q3/5 “Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from information and communication technologies (ICTs)”

​EMF Estimator Software

EMF Estimator is a software application that implements the methodology described in ITU-T K.70 to calculate the cumulative radio frequency exposure levels in the vicinity of transmitting antennas. 

EMF Estimator