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Technical coordination mechanism among IEC, ISO and ITU-T/ITU-R

IEC, ISO and ITU-T/ITU-R have agreed that the following coordination levels, in ascending order, be followed when an issue regarding collaboration is identified:

1. IEC and/or ISO Technical Committee officers and/or ITU-T or ITU-R Study Group Management as appropriate;
2. Secretaries of IEC SMB and/or ISO TMB and/or Chief ITU-T Study Group Department or Chief ITU-R Study Group Department as appropriate;
3. IEC SMB Chairman and/or ISO TMB Chairman and/or ITU-T TSAG Chairman or ITU-R RAG Chairman, as appropriate;
4. IEC General Secretary and/or ISO Secretary-General and/or ITU-T TSB Director or ITU-R Director BR as appropriate.

The aim of the mechanism is to resolve problems at the earliest possible stage and to encourage communication among parties to avoid duplication of work.

Note that depending on the parties concerned, only two of the three organizations may be involved. The coordination mechanism includes ISO/IEC JTC1.

(source: TSAG TD138).