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Joint Coordination Activities

Joint Coordination Activity on Accessibility and Human factors (JCA-AHF)

The joint coordination activity on accessibility and human factors (JCA-AHF) was established in December 2007. Participation is open to representatives and experts from organizations interested in the field, including standards development organizations (SDOs), academia, governments, regulators, etc. JCA-AHF reports to T​​SAG.

Joint Coordination Activity on Child Online Protection (JCA-COP)

The joint coordination activity on child online protection (JCA-COP) was established in April 2012. The purpose of the JCA-COP is to coordinate the ITU-T child online protection (COP) work amongst the ITU-T study groups, and to liaise with ITU-R and ITU-D as well as with the Council Working Group on Child Online Protection. JCA-COP is open, but (to restrict its size) should primarily be limited to official representatives from the relevant ITU-T, ITU-R and ITU-D study groups as well as from the Council Working Group on Child Online Protection. JCA-COP may also include invited experts and invited representatives of other relevant SDOs and forums, as appropriate. JCA-COP reports to ITU-T SG17.

Joint Coordination Activity for Identity Management (JCA-IdM)

The establishment of JCA-IdM (Joint Coordination Activity for Identity Management) has been approved by TSAG in December 2007. The membership of the JCA-IdM is composed of representatives from the ITU Study Groups and invited representatives from recognized IdM external SDOs, consortia and forums. JCA-IdM reports to SG17.

Joint Coordination Activity for IMT-2020 (JCA-IMT2020)

Instructed by the WTSA-16 Resolution 92, the ITU-T SG13, at its meeting of February 2017, established the JCA-IMT2020. The scope of JCA-IMT2020 is coordination of the ITU-T IMT-2020 standardization work with focus on non-radio aspects within ITU-T and coordination of the communication with standards development organizations, consortia and forums also working on IMT-2020 related standards. Mr Scott Mansfield (Ericsson Canada) was appointed as the Chairman and Ms Ying Cheng (China Unicom, China) as the Vice-chairman of JCA-IMT2020. JCA-IMT2020 reports to the SG13 as its parent group.

Joint Coordination Activity on Internet of Things and Smart Cities & Communities (JCA-IoT and SC&C)

The JCA-IoT and SC&C coordinates the ITU-T work related to Internet of Things and smart cities and communities, taking into account standardization activities performed in other bodies. It continues the work performed by JCA-NID since 2006 and JCA-IoT since 2011 with a slight revised Terms of Reference. The name change from JCA-IoT to JCA-IoT and SC&C was agreed during the first meeting of ITU-T Study Group 20 on 19-23 October 2015 in Geneva. Mr. Hyoung Jun Kim (ETRI, Korea) is the Convener of this activity. JCA-IoT is open to members and designated representatives of relevant Standards Development Organizations, Forums and Consortia. JCA-IoT and SC&C reports to SG20.

Joint Coordination Activity on Multimedia Aspects of E-services (JCA-MMeS)

Created in January 2017, the JCA on multimedia aspects of e-services monitors and coordinates the work on multimedia aspects of e-services with a particular focus on standardization, taking into consideration the work of other relevant standards development organizations (SDOs), forums and consortia.