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JCA-AHF Documents (January 2017)

JCA-AHF Documents

January 2017, ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

​NumberDocument Title​​Source
Doc 295Report of JCA-AHF meeting, Geneva, 20 January 2017​Andrea Saks (Chairman of JCA-AHF)
Doc 294​Accessibility for people with mood and stressed related challenges   ​Renaldo Bernard, Intern of ITU-TSB
​Doc 293​Caption transcript of the JCA-AHF meeting, Geneva, 20 January 2017​TSB
​Doc 292​Final list of participants, JCA-AHF meeting, 20 January 2017 ​TSB
Doc 291​Make Listening Safe​WHO
Doc 290​OFCOM Proposed annual plan 2017/18 ​​EFHOH
Doc 289​Promoting the universal design of technology through education and entrepreneurship​Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA)
Doc 288​Coordinate Actions between ITU and UNESCO for a correct development of “DIGITAL FOR ALL” Project​Daniel BATTU
Doc 287​Announced list of participants JCA-AHF​TSB
​Doc 286 Rev.1​Draft agenda of JCA-AHF meeting and documents allocation (Geneva, 20 January 2017) ​​Andrea Saks (Chairman of JCA-AHF)
Doc 285​EFHOH Feedback on the European Commission’s “Smart Wearables: Reflection and Orientation Paper”EFHOH
Doc 284​EFHOH concern related to potential interference in relation to deploying of LTE radio frequencies (2300 – 2400 Hz) adjacent to the ISM bandEFHOH
​Doc 283​Updates on Accessibility Policy Activities in the United States​Gallaudet University
​Doc 282​Report on the face-to-face DCAD session and DCAD/G3ict workshop on Sustainable accessibility goals for persons with disabilities at IGF 2016​Andrea Saks (Chairman of JCA-AHF)
Doc 281​The CART Captioner’s Manual ​Caption First
Doc 280​People with a hearing disability need spectrum, and many others need it as well
Phonak Communications AG
Doc 279​“Immediately in Effect Guidance Document” published by the US FDA in December 2016​Phonak Communications AG
​Doc 278​ITU's support of the 2016 IDPD and call for voluntary contributions to the ITU Accessibility Fund​General Secretariat of ITU
Doc 276​BDT Activities on ICT Accessibility from the last JCA-AHF ​ITU - BDT
Doc 275​LS/i on collaboration​​ITU-D SG1
Doc 274​Update on 2.3-2.5GHz Compatibility Testing with ALDBrian Copsey
Doc 273​Swiss Government Mandates Video Relay Services VRS for the Deaf as of 2018​WFD
​Doc 272​LS/i on easy access tool for emergency situations​ITU-D SG1
Doc 271​​LS/i on Accessibility Contributions​ITU-T SG2
Doc 270​​LS/i on  Standardization of face-to-face speech translation​ITU-T SG2
Doc 269​​LS/i on Standardization of on screen keyboard​ITU-T SG2
Doc 268​LS/i on Contribution with a sign language requirement​ITU-T SG2
Doc 267​LS/i/r on information about the initiation of the new ITU-T draft Recommendation "Accessibility requirements for IoT applications and services" (COM20-LS75) ​ITU-T Q26/16