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JCA-AHF Documents (May 2017)

JCA-AHF Documents

May 2017, ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

​Number Document Title​ ​Source
Doc 302​Draft meeting report of Joint Coordination Activity on Accessibility and Human Factors (JCA-AHF), Geneva, 8 May 2017​Chairman of JCA-AHF​​​​
​Doc 301​Final list of participation​TSB
Doc 300Caption transcript of the JCA-AHF meeting, Geneva, 8 May 2017​​TSB
Doc 299Draft agenda of JCA-AHF meeting and documents allocation (Geneva, 8 May 2017)Chairman of JCA-AHF​​​​
​Doc 298Slides presented at EFHOH / NADP AGM and Conference​Chairman of JCA-AHF​​​
​Doc 297Summary report on recent Active Assisted Living (AAL) work at ITU-T, submitted to the IEC SyC AAL​Chairman of JCA-AHF​​
Doc 296​Revised Terms of Reference of JCA-AHF approved by TSAG​Chairman of JCA-AHF​