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JCA-AHF Documents (February 2018)

JCA-AHF Documents

 February 2018, ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

​Number Document Title​ ​Source
​Doc 332
Doc 331​Draft Report of JCA-AHF meeting and documents allocation (Geneva, 12 February 2018)Chairman of JCA-AHF​​​
Doc 330​Caption Transcript of JCA-AHF meeting (12 February 2018)TSB​
Doc 329​​Final List of participants of JCA-AHF meeting (12 February 2018)​TSB
​Doc 328​BDT Report in implementation of ICT Accessibility activities, events and resources​BDT, ITU​
​Doc 327Accessibility on ITU PP-18 WebsiteInformation Services Department, General Secretariat, ITU
Doc 326​​ITU Accessible PublicationsGeneral Secretariat, ITU​
Doc 325​ITU-R at a glance and accessibility matters  ​BR, ITU
​Doc 324​Introduction to Deaf Kidz international with nWiseOfcom ​
Doc 323​Latest issues of telecoils and hard of hearing people accessibility needs EFHOH ​
Doc 322​​Updates on real-time text deployments in USGallaudet University​
​Doc 321​Report on the meeting of Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD), 20 December 2017, GenevaChairman of JCA-AHF​​
Doc 320List of ITU-T liaison rapporteurs to JCA-AHFTSB
Doc 319​R2​Draft agenda of JCA-AHF meeting and documents allocation (Geneva, 12 February 2018)Chairman of JCA-AHF​​
Doc 318​Bridging the Digital Divide for "vulnerable" peopleDaniel BATTU, Invited Delegate
Doc 317​Summary of Incoming Liaison Statements TSB
​Doc 316​LS/r on information about the progress of draft Recommendation Y.Accessibility-IoT (reply to SG16 - LS 62)ITU-T Study Group 20
Doc 315​LS/r on cooperation on accessibility matters (SG20-LS63) [to SG20]​​​​​​ITU-T Study Group 16​​
Doc 314​​LS on information about the progress of draft Recommendation Y.Accessibility-IoT and the draft supplement Y.IoT-Use-Cases​​ITU-T Study Group 20
Doc 313​LS on Designation of SG5 Liaison officer to the Joint Coordination Activity on Accessibility and Human Factors (JCA-AHF)​​​​​​ITU-T Study Group 5
Doc 312​LS on the new structure of ITU-T SG20​​ITU-T Study Group 20
Doc 311​LS/r on Accessibility matters (reply to SG16 - LS 244 -E, SG16 - LS 14 -E, SG16 - LS 235 -E)​​​​​​ITU-T Study Group 20
Doc 310​LS/r on collaboration (SG1RGQ/320-E) [to ITU-D Q7/1]​IRG-AVA
​Doc 309​LS/r on paper on the potential risk of using "Personal Sound Amplification Products" (PSAPs) (JCA-AHF-LS44) [to JCA-AHF]​​​​ITU-T Study Group 16​​
Doc 308​LS/r on requirements for a closed signing system (6B/TEMP/37&61) [to ITU-R WP6B]​​​ITU-T Study Group 16​​
Doc 307​LS on CDV ballot of IEC 60050-871 "International Electrotechnical Vocabulary - Part 871: Active assisted living" [to IEC TC SyC AAL]​​ITU-T Study Group 16
Doc 306​LS/r on easy access tool for emergency situations (SG1RGQ/319-E) [to ITU-D Q7/1]​ITU-T Study Group 16
​Doc 305​LS/r on the initiation of the new ITU-T draft Recommendation "Accessibility Requirements for IoT Applications and Services" (COM20-LS75) [to ITU-T SG20]​​ITU-T Study Group 16
​Doc 304​LS on security clause of the draft Technical Paper FSTP-RCSO "Overview of remote captioning services" [to ITU-T SG17]​ITU-T Study Group 16
Doc 303LS on call for input on use case/use scenario for problem/issue analysis on S2ST service/system [to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 and ASTAP EG-MA]ITU-T Study Group 16