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JCA-AHF Documents

   October 2019, Geneva

​​Number​​Document Title​Source
Doc 388​Draft report of the meeting of JCA-AHF, Geneva, 10 October 2019​JCA-AHF Chairman
Doc 387​Raw caption transcript, JCA-AHF meeting, 10 October 2019​TSB
​Doc 386​Announced list of participants​TSB
​Doc 385​ICTs are a Power ​Firefly House NGO Mongolia
​Doc 384​Wireless Power Transfer Testing Summary of Result for T-Coil   ​Copsey Communications
​Doc 383​Updates on spectrum use in Europe Updates on spectrum use in Europe  ​Copsey Communications
Doc 382​CEN/CENELEC/ETSI initial work on: Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities​Copsey Communications
Doc 381​Report of the Rapporteur Group meeting on Question 7/1 Geneva, 3-4 October 2019​Vice-Rapporteur of ITU-D Q7/1
​Doc 380​Draft agenda for JCA-AHF meeting, 10 October 2019​Chairman of JCA-AHF
Doc 379​Special Track: ICT Accessibility (WSIS Forum 2019 and WSIS Forum 2020)​ITU General Secretariat
​Doc 378​Forthcoming ITU-European Commission Co-organized Forum on “Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL”​ITU Office for Europe
Doc 377​European updates on accessibility policies​G3ict
Doc 376​Universal design as a mechanism for ICT accessibility in the Global South​Oslo Metropolitan University
Doc 375​UN Disability Inclusion Strategy​G3ict
Doc 374​JCA-AHF Chairman’s notes at TSAG, 23 September 2019​Chairman of JCA-AHF
Doc 373​LS on new Question for accessibility to cable systems and services [to IRG-AVA, JCA-AHF, ITU-R SG6, ITU-T SG16, ITU-D SG1 and SG2, ITU-T FG-VM]​ITU-T SG9
Doc 372Telecommunications Relay Service "Before and After Its Beginnings" presented at XVIII World Congress Of the world federation of the deaf, Paris, 23-27 July 2019​Chairman of JCA-AHF