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Documents for JCA-AHF meeting, 1 July 2020

​​​​​​​​​​​JCA-AHF Documents

1 July​ 2020, ​E-meeting


​Document Title
Doc 408​
Draft report of joint JCA-AHF and ITU-T Q26/16 e-meeting, 1 July 2020 
Chairman of JCA-AHF
​Doc 407​
Final list of participants
Doc 406​ 
Raw transcript of captioning, JCA-AHF meeting, 1 July 2020
Doc 405​
Impact of the pandemic on deaf people with vision issues
Ben Fletcher
Doc 404
​Accessibility for Persons who are Deafened or Hard of Hearing in Nepal ​
​Doc 403
​NADP workshop on " Working and participating remotely when you are deaf or hard of hearing"
Doc 402
 ​LS on ITU-T SG5 Liaison officer to JCA-AHF​ [to JCA-AHF]
Doc 401​
​LS on the new draft Recommendation “Humanitarian Global Networks and Services for Global Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities” (F.ACC-Humanitarian") and its collaboration regarding numbering and identifiers) [to ITU-T SG2]​
ITU-T Q26/16
Doc 400​
Draft agenda for JCA-AHF meeting, 1 July 2020
Chairman of JCA-AHF