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Terms of Reference

1 Scope
The Terms of Reference of this JCA are consistent with clause 2.2.1 of Recommendation ITU-T A.1.

The scope of the JCA is coordination of the ITU-T identity management (IdM) work with internal and relevant external organizations. The term IdM is defined in Recommendation ITU-T X.1252. This management of digital identities is not intended to indicate positive validation of a person.

Note – The use of the term “identity” in this ToR and in the future ITU-T activities relating to IdM does not indicate its absolute meaning. In particular, it does not constitute any positive validation.
2 Objectives
  • The JCA-IdM will ensure that the ITU-T IdM work is progressed in a well-coordinated way between study groups, in particular with SG2, SG13, SG20 and SG17. Planning issues can be brought to the attention of the JCA-IdM. The JCA-IdM will facilitate work assignment through the involved study groups when it is not clear under which Question work should be done and recommend an allocation of tasks.
  • The JCA-IdM will analyze IdM standardization items and coordinate an associated roadmap with ITU-T Q10/17.
  • The JCA-IdM will act as a point of contact within ITU-T and with other SDOs/Fora on IdM in order to avoid duplication of work and assist in implementing the IdM tasks assigned by WTSA-16 Resolution 2 and in coordinating the implementation of GSC-16 Resolution 4 on identity management.
  • In carrying out the JCA-IdM’s internal coordinating role, participants in the JCA-IdM will include representatives of relevant ITU-T study groups and other ITU groups. A portion of each JCA-IdM meeting may be allocated to raising awareness of IdM issues addressed by other ITU-T Study Groups Questions, and external organizations.
  • In carrying out the JCA-IdM’s external collaboration role, representatives from other relevant recognized SDOs/Fora and regional/national organizations may be invited to join the JCA-IdM.
  • The JCA-IdM should ensure that the above note would be taken into account in accomplishing its tasks.
3 Administrative support
TSB will provide supposrt for JCA-IdM within available resource limits.
4 Meetings

JCA-IdM will work electronically using teleconferences and with face-to-face meetings as needed. Meetings will be held as determined by the JCA-IdM and will be announced to its participants and on the ITU-T website. JCA-IdM will meet during SG17 meeting if it needs to.

5 Progress reports

    The JCA-IdM will report to SG17 at its meetings.

6 Leadership 

    Mr Abbie Barbir
    Mr Hiroshi Takechi
    Mr Keundug Park

7 Other contacts
   JCA-IdM secretariat

8 Lifetime

    The lifetime of the JCA-IdM is left open. It is expected that future SG17 meeting in second half of 2018 will consider whether the JCA-IdM should continue, be adjusted or terminated.