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SG16 Informal FTP Area and mailing lists

SG16 Informal FTP Area and mailing lists (Study Period 2013-2016)

Structure of SG16 informal FTP area Mailing list archives ITU-hosted mailing lists
Important information
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plen ​t13sg16all
SG16 general announcements
q20 t13sg16q20
Multimedia coordination
wp1 t13sg16wp1
WP1/16 general announcements
q01, ​q02, ​q03, ​q21 - -
​q05 t13sg16q5
Telepresence systems
wp2 t13sg16wp2
WP2/16 general announcements
​q13 t13sg16q13
Multimedia application platforms and end systems for IPTV
    SG9: q4, q5
SG16: ​q13
Joint IPTV work of Q4/9, Q5/9 and Q13/16
q14 ​t13sg16q14
Digital signage systems and services
q25 ​t13sg16q25
IoT applications and services
q26 ​t13sg16q26
Accessibility to multimedia systems and services
q27 ​t13sg16q27
Vehicle gateway platform for telecommunication/ ITS services/ applications
q28 ​t13sg16q28
Multimedia framework for e-health applications
wp3 t13sg16wp3
WP3/16 general announcements
q06 ​t13sg16q6
Visual coding
q07 ​t13sg16q7
System and coordination aspects of media coding
q10 ​t13sg16q10
Speech and audio coding and related software tools
q15 ​t13sg16q15
Voiceband signal discrimination and modem/facsimile terminal protocols
q16 ​t13sg16q16
Speech enhancement functions in signal processing network equipment
q18 ​t13sg16q18
Implementation and interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment/terminals
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