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SG 16 Executive Summary (2013-01)

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Executive Summary of the ITU-T Study Group 16 Meeting
Geneva, 14-25 January 2013)

Major accomplishments

  • Consented Recommendations: 51 at this meeting (28 in 2012-05)
  • Recommendations Decided/Determined/Approved: none at this meeting
  • Recommendations agreed for Deletion: none at this meeting
  • Other texts approved (Total: 3): errata (0), appendices (1), supplements (0), implementors' guides (1), technical papers (0), and other documents (1)
  • Agreed to the SG structure in three working parties:



Questions allocated



Multimedia systems

Q1/16, Q2/16, Q3/16, Q5/16, Q21/16

Mr Paul Jones (USA)
Mr Noah Luo (China)


Multimedia services and accessibility

Q13/16, Q14/16, Q25/16, Q26/16, Q27/16, Q28/16

Mr Seong-Ho Jeong (Rep.of Korea)
Mr Masahito Kawamori (NTT, Japan)


Media coding and signal processing

Q6/16, Q7/16, Q10/16, Q15/16, Q16/16, Q18/16

Mr Harald Kullmann (Germany)

Question 20/16 "Multimedia Coordination" will report directly to the plenary and will be chaired by Mr Noah Luo (China). It is expected that the Question take a key role in promotion and strategic positioning of the Study Group work during the study period.

The text of the SG 16 Questions for this study period can be seen in the new SG 16 web page.

  • ITU-T SG 16 Consented the text of the codec successor to ITU-T H.264. The new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard will be published as ITU-T H.265 | ISO/IEC 23008-2.
  • ITU-T SG 16 also Consented its first technically aligned text with IEC TC 100. ITU-T H.751 | IEC 62698 addresses rights information interoperability for IPTV.
  • ITU-T SG 16 agreed to the extension of the FG AVA period of operation till October 2013.
  • List of interim meetings pre-approved: see related link
  • Final text of the 32 outgoing Liaison Statements: see LS database
  • The meeting had 180 registered participants during the meeting period (same as at the last meeting). Remote participation was provided to 16 delegates (9%). The final list of participants is available in TD 8R3/Plen.


  • Following the WTSA-12 mandate to coordinate its studies with ITU-T SG 9, collocated meetings of both study groups were held in the week of 14-18 January 2013. Opening plenaries of each group were staggered so delegates could attend both meetings. A joint plenary session was held on Wed 16 January (report: here).
  •  ITU-T SG 16 also hosted the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC) and the Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding (JCT-3V), as part of its ongoing collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1 / SC 29 / WG 11 (MPEG) for the development of the next generation of video coding. The JCT-VC & JCT-3V had a combined 309 registered participants and reviewed over 700 documents in its 10 days of meeting.
  • Two demos were organized in parallel with the SG 16 meeting on the theme "Better quality of life using ITU-T Recommendations": one on the 1st week displayed a real-time implementation of H.265, technologies for smart cable (SG 9/FG SmartCable), ITU IPTV challenge, e-health, and mobile IPTV; and on the 2nd week, another focusing on IPTV and accessibility.
  • Additional meetings: ITU-T SG 16 met in parallel with IPTV-GSI in the 1st week and, in the 2nd week, MPEG, FG AVA and ITU-T SG 2. In the weekend, SG 16 hosted a meeting of the IEC TC100 High-level Ad hoc meeting with representatives of ITU-T SGs and ISO/IEC JTC1 SCs.

Dates of next SG 16 meeting and interim Working Party meetings

The next meeting of ITU-T SG 16 is scheduled for Geneva, Switzerland, 28 October – 8 November 2013. The meeting is expected be collocated in the first week with IPTV-GSI and ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29/ WG11 (known as MPEG), to facilitate joint work on video coding and on IPTV terminals. It is unclear whether SG 9 will collocate with SG 16 at this occasion.

No interim working party meetings are planned.

Map of meeting reports & Liaison Statements (as seen by the SG 16 Plenary)






Meeting Report

Q20/16: TD 20R1/Plen
Joint SG9, SG16: TD 21/Plen

TD 22R1/Plen

TD 23R1/Plen

TD 24R1/Plen

Liaison Statements
(32 in total)

Q20/16: TD 25R1/Plen

TD 26/Plen

TD 27/Plen

TD 28/Plen

Work programme

TD 29/Plen

TD 30/Plen

TD 31/Plen

Summary of Questions' Results

Question 1/16 summary

Question 1/16 had a successful meeting and reviewed several input documents and liaison statements. Experts reviewed the roadmap for Recommendations under Q1/16 responsibility in this new study period and discussed the group’s current work items. The Question plans on holding one interim Rapporteurs  meeting.

Question 2/16 summary

Question 2/16 successfully completed work on ten revised Recommendations, three new Amendments to existing Recommendations, and an update to the H.323-series Implementors' Guide.  Experts continued work in the area of enabling a plurality of devices to interact together to provide a richer multimedia communication experience, with a focus in this meeting on possible extensions to H.323 as a stepping stone to realizing some of the H.325/AMS concepts. The Question produced no Liaison Statements and plans one Rapporteur's Group meeting on general topics under Q2/16 as well as regular electronic meetings to progress H.325/AMS.

Question 3/16 summary

Question 3/16 met for 12 quarters to review some 148 documents. Q3/16 continued work on a number of existing work items which has resulted in twenty seven Recommendations for Consent. This includes revised Recommendations ITU-T H.248.1v3, H.248.2, H.248.3, H.248.8, H.248.11, H.248.15, H.248.16, H.248.17, H.248.18, H.248.19, H.248.20, H.248.22, H.248.23, H.248.25, H.248.26, H.248.29, H.248.32, H.248.36, H.248.40, H.248.41, H.248.57, H.248.61, H.248.64, and H.248.78 incorporating Implementors’ Guide items. It also includes ITU-T H.248.81 Amendment 1 describing interaction between the emergency telecommunications system and explicit congestion notification, ITU-T H.248.82 on the support of explicit congestion notification and ITU-T H.248.85 on loopback interactions. Two new work items were initiated, H.248.RTP-MUX "H.248 Support for RTP multiplexing" and revised H.248.39 "H.248 SDP parameter identification and wildcarding". A number of Recommendations (H.248.66, H.248.74) continue to be on hold, due to the current unavailability of the needed / referenced IETF RFCs for Consent. Q3/16 prepared two liaison statements and is planning one interim meeting.

Question 5/16 summary

Question 5/16 had a successful meeting and progressed work on the three work items.  Seventeen contributions on requirements, architecture, audio/video parameters and potential future work items were presented and discussed.  Updated baseline text for F.TPS-Reqs, F.TPS-Arch and H.TPS-AV was prepared and accepted. Incoming LS statements were reviewed, and two outgoing LS statements were prepared.  The Question is planning on holding one interim Rapporteur meeting.

Question 6/16 summary

The primary goals for Question 6/16 at this meeting of SG 16 were to review the progress of Q6/16, JCT-VC, JCT-3V, and JPEG work, reach AAP Consent on the new HEVC video codec (Rec. H.265 | ISO/IEC 23008-2), on a revision to H.264, on an amendment to H.262, and on three JPEG amendments that have reached sufficient maturity (T.800 Amd.6, T.801 Amd.3 and T.808 Amd.5). The Question also considered maintenance needs and planed future work. A substantial portion of the image coding work of Question 6/16 has been conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 (JPEG/JBIG). A substantial portion of the video coding work of Question 6/16 is currently being conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/ SC 29/WG 11 (MPEG) in two organizations, known as the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on Video Coding (JCT-VC) and the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on 3D Video Coding (JCT-3V). Meetings of the JCT-VC and JCT-3V were held in a collocated fashion with this meeting of SG 16 under its auspices. The JCT-VC is tasked with development of a new video coding Recommendation known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). The JCT-3V is tasked with development of 3D video coding extensions. A meeting of MPEG was also held nearby during the current meeting of SG 16. Q6/16 is planning to hold two Rapporteur meetings, two JCT-VC meetings, and two JCT-3V meetings before the next SG 16 meeting in October 2013 and also to hold a meeting of the JCT-VC and of the JCT-3V in a collocated fashion with the next SG 16 meeting in October 2013 under its auspices. The Questions prepared nine outgoing Liaison Statements.

Question 7/16 summary

Question 7/16 reviewed the Media Coding Summary Database (MCSD) and issued a revision which includes addition of new speech/audio codecs that were standardized since the last version in November 2011. Q7/16 reviewed five liaison statements (LS) and two reply LSs were prepared: one to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 regarding the coding independent media code points, and another to JCA-IoT informing about the MCSD and Media coding toolbox for IPTV (HSTB-MCTB). The Question is not planning any interim meetings.

Question 10/16 summary

Question 10/16 agreed to start the approval process for two texts: (a) ITU-T G.718 Amendment 3 containing new Annex C (Floating-point implementation of G.718 Annex B); and (b) ITU-T G.729.1 Amendment 8 containing new Annex G (Floating-point implementation of G.729.1Annex E). The Question reviewed ten liaison statements, and produced four outgoing liaison statements. Q10/16 is not planning on holding any Rapporteur meeting before the next SG 16 meeting.

Question 13/16 summary

Question 13/16 held its sessions during the IPTV-GSI event in Geneva, 14-18 January 2013, which were co-located with the first half of Study Group 16.  It reviewed 28 contributions and one temporary document.  The group agreed to propose for Consent the draft new Recommendation ITU-T H.751 on metadata for rights information interoperability for IPTV and to propose for Approval an Amendment to ITU-T H.741.1 adding a XML schema on audience measurement service discovery. H.751 is the result of cooperation between ITU-T SG 16 and IEC TC100 as agreed at the high-level meeting of the two organizations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008, and contains the text that is technically aligned with that of IEC 62698 "Rights Information Interoperability for IPTV". Question 13/16 held joint meetings with Q14/16 on digital signage as well as with Q28/16 on e-health applications.  It also hosted a showcasing event on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 to demonstrate applications using standards such as H.721 (IPTV terminal) and H.762 (LIME), applications that received awards at the second IPTV Application Challenge "A Better Quality of Life".  The Question plans on holding two interim meetings in the context of IPTV-GSI events and a stand-alone meeting just before SG 16 in October. The Question has also produced four liaison statements.

Question 14/16 summary

Question 14/16 revised the text of two draft new Recommendations, H.DS-AM "Audience Measurement for Digital Signage" and H.DS-DISR "Digital signage: Requirements of disaster information services". Q14/16 agreed to create three new work items, H.DS-ARCH "Digital signage: Functional Architecture", H.DS-META "Digital signage: Metadata" and HSTP.DS-UCIS "Technical Paper on Digital signage: Use-cases regarding interactive services". Q14/16 prepared one outgoing Liaison Statement to ITU-T FG-DR&NRR informing update of a document on disaster information services for digital signage. The group plans on holding two interim meetings in the context of IPTV-GSI events before the next SG16 meeting in October 2013.

Question 15/16 summary

Question 15/16 met in two sessions. A review of the scope of the revised Question was made, with an assessment of the relative importance of the study items. Previous consensus lists for ITU-T T.38 and V.152 were updated to reflect material which has already been incorporated into these Recommendations. There were no outgoing liaison statements prepared. An interim Rapporteur meeting is planned, tentatively in early June 2013 in Germany.

Question 16/16 summary

The draft text of new G.168 Annex E "Embedded echo cancellers" was reviewed and updated with details of a new test methodology for testing echo cancellers without access to external control signals. The target Consent date for this new Annex was changed to November 2013. The draft text of new G.DNH "Do no harm testing" was updated with two new tests in Annexes A and B. The draft texts of G.168 (V8) "Digital network echo cancellers" and new G.169 Annex B "Automatic listener enhancement" were reviewed. One interim meeting was proposed. No LSs were prepared at this meeting.

Question 18/16 summary

At this meeting, Question 18/16 advanced the work on drafting new Recommendation G.SPNE "Signal Processing Network Equipment", revised Recommendation G.161 "Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment", revised Recommendation G.799.1 "Functionality and interface specifications for GSTN transport network equipment for interconnecting GSTN and IP networks", revised Recommendation G.799.2 "Mechanism for Dynamic Coordination of Voice Enhancement Signal Processing Functions" and revised Recommendation G.799.3 "Signal processing functionality and performance of an IP-to-IP voice gateway optimised for the transport of voice and voiceband data". The Question plans to hold one interim meeting.

Question 20/16 Summary

Question 20/16 met for two quarters during this SG 16 meeting under the chairmanship of Mr Noah LUO. This is the first Q20/16 meeting in this new study period with the task of setting directions for Q20/16. Participation is rather active and broadly representative. Q20’s roles, visions, its development of strategies for SG 16 and work methodology have been gradually clarified and taking shape through intense discussion. Some LSs of general nature that had been initially allocated to Q20/16 were discussed and dispatched to different Questions for their appropriate handling.

Question 21/16 summary

Question 21/16 met for four quarters during 14-25 January 2013 and progressed existing work items with 18 contributions reviewed and accepted. Work items F.LIMSreqs, F.NBLICreqs, H.IVSReqs, H.VSMprot and F.UDExch were updated, and work was completed on new ITU-T H.626.1 (ex H.VSMarch). Q21/16 agreed to start a new work item ITU-T H.P2PVSArch: on architectural requirements for point-to-point visual surveillance”. The Question prepared two outgoing LSs and plans on holding one interim rapporteurs meeting.

Question 25/16 summary

Question 25/16 reviewed 13 contributions and eight Liaison Statements. During the meeting, Q25/16 agreed to submit one draft Recommendations for Consent at the closing Plenary. Q25/16 made progress on six draft new Recommendations. At the meeting, Q25/16 produced 10 output documents including the meeting report, revised texts of on-going draft new Recommendations and two outgoing Liaison Statements.The Question plans on holding one interim meeting in the context of the 8th IoT-GSI event in June 2013.

Question 26/16 summary

Question 26/16 continued its work on the Technical Paper on Relay Services for Persons with Disabilities (FSTP-RSDP). There was very good participation in discussing relay services with views coming from four different countries. FG-AVA’s report was reviewed and it is recommended that SG 16 approve the report and the request to extend the period of operation until the next Study Group 16 meeting. The work programme was updated with new editors and work items with a lack of contributions were moved to a living list. Two LSs were prepared at this meeting and the Question plans on holding one interim rapporteurs meeting.

Question 27/16 summary

Question 27 reviewed twenty-two contributions related to F.VGP-REQ and H.VGP-FAM, and it was agreed to move the proposed text to a living list. Three incoming LSs from FG Distraction, JCA-IoT, and JCA-Cloud were discussed. Three outgoing LSs were prepared. One provides input to Q25/16 for a joint response to the JCA-IoT. The other two LSs request inputs on ITS performance and security from SGs 12 and 17, respectively. Coordination and collaboration were discussed. Removal of inactive work items will be decided at an interim meeting to be held on 24-25 June 2013 in Geneva.

Question 28/16 summary

Question 28/16 had meetings during the IPTV-GSI event and SG16 meeting on 14-18 Jan 2013 in Geneva.  Q28/16 had one liaison statement and three contributions proposing to start work on two draft new Recommendations. Two new work items were created, H.MEDX “Multimedia e-health data exchange services: Architecture, services and data dictionary” and H.IDGPHS “Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems”. The latter is the transposition of the Continua Health Alliance guideline specifications as an ITU-T Recommendation. During the SG 16 meeting, there was a showcasing event on e-health, demonstrating implementations of Continua Health Alliance specifications as well as the e-health applications based on ITU-T IPTV Recommendations (such as ITU-T H.721 IPTV terminal device specification and ITU-T H.762 Lightweight Interactive Multimedia Environment), and applications that received awards at the second IPTV Application Challenge “A Better Quality of Life”. The Question plans on holding two interim meetings in the context of IPTV-GSI events.

Recommendations Consented by SG 16 on the closing Plenary




ITU-T F.747.3 (ex F.USN-NRP) "Requirements and functional model for ubiquitous network robot platform to support USN applications and services" (New)

TD 81/Plen


ITU-T G.718 Amd.3 (ex G.718-SWB-Float) "Variable bit rate embedded coding of speech signals: New Annex C with an alternative floating-point implementation of the superwideband monaural extension" (New)

TD 69/Plen


ITU-T G.729.1 Amd.8 (ex G.729.1-SWB-Float) "G.729-based embedded variable bit-rate coder: An 8-32 kbit/s scalable wideband coder bitstream interoperable with G.729: New Annex G with an alternative floating-point implementation of the superwideband monaural extension" (New)

TD 70/Plen


ITU-T H.225.0 Amd.1 "Use of FACILITY message to enable call transfer" (New)

TD 16/Plen


ITU-T H.248.01 (V3) "Gateway control protocol: Version 3" (Rev.)

TD 41/Plen


ITU-T H.248.02 "Gateway control protocol: Facsimile, text conversation and call discrimination packages" (Rev.)

TD 42/Plen


ITU-T H.248.03 "Gateway control protocol: User interface elements and actions packages" (Rev.)

TD 43/Plen


ITU-T H.248.08 "Gateway control protocol: Error code and service change reason description" (Rev.)

TD 44/Plen


ITU-T H.248.11 "Gateway control protocol: Media gateway overload control package" (Rev.)

TD 45/Plen


ITU-T H.248.15 "Gateway control protocol: SDP H.248 package attribute" (Rev.)

TD 46/Plen


ITU-T H.248.16 "Gateway control protocol: Enhanced digit collection packages and procedures " (Rev.)

TD 47/Plen


ITU-T H.248.17 "Gateway control protocol: Line test packages" (Rev.)

TD 48/Plen


ITU-T H.248.18 "Gateway control protocol: Package for support of multiple profiles" (Rev.)

TD 49/Plen


ITU-T H.248.19 "Gateway control protocol: Decomposed multipoint control unit, audio, video and data conferencing packages" (Rev.)

TD 50/Plen


ITU-T H.248.20 "Gateway control protocol: The use of local and remote descriptors with H.221 and H.223 multiplexing" (Rev.)

TD 51/Plen


ITU-T H.248.22 "Gateway control protocol: Shared Risk Group package" (Rev.)

TD 53/Plen


ITU-T H.248.23 "Gateway control protocol: Enhanced Alerting packages" (Rev.)

TD 54/Plen


ITU-T H.248.25 "Gateway control protocol: Basic CAS packages" (Rev.)

TD 55/Plen


ITU-T H.248.26 "Gateway control protocol: Enhanced analogue lines packages" (Rev.)

TD 56/Plen


ITU-T H.248.29 "Gateway control protocol: International CAS compelled register signalling packages" (Rev.)

TD 57/Plen


ITU-T H.248.32 "Gateway control protocol: Detailed congestion reporting package" (Rev.)

TD 58/Plen


ITU-T H.248.36 "Gateway control protocol: Hanging Termination Detection package" (Rev.)

TD 59/Plen


ITU-T H.248.40 "Gateway control protocol: Application data inactivity detection package" (Rev.)

TD 60/Plen


ITU-T H.248.41 "Gateway control protocol: IP domain connection package" (Rev.)

TD 61/Plen


ITU-T H.248.57 "Gateway control protocol: RTP control protocol package" (Rev.)

TD 62/Plen


ITU-T H.248.61 "Gateway control protocol: Packages for network level H.248 statistics" (Rev.)

TD 63/Plen


ITU-T H.248.64 "Gateway control protocol: IP router packages" (Rev.)

TD 64/Plen


ITU-T H.248.78 "Gateway control protocol: Bearer-level application level gateway" (Rev.)

TD 65/Plen


ITU-T H.248.81 Amd.1 "Gateway control protocol: Guidelines on the use of the IEPS call indicator and priority indicator in ITU-T H.248 profiles: New Appendix II, plus additions and corrections" (New)

TD 71/Plen


ITU-T H.248.82 (ex H.248.ECN) "Gateway control protocol: Explicit congestion notification support" (New)

TD 68/Plen


ITU-T H.248.85 (ex H.248.LOOPB) "Gateway control protocol: Usage of loopback in H.248" (New)

TD 66/Plen


ITU-T H.262 | ISO/IEC 13818-2 Amd.1 "Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Video: Frame packing arrangement signalling for quincunx pattern" (New)

TD 80/Plen


ITU-T H.264 (V8) | ISO/IEC 14496-10 "Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual services" (Rev.)

TD 86/Plen


ITU-T H.265 (ex H.HEVC) | ISO/IEC 23008-2 "High Efficiency Video Coding" (New)

TD 77/Plen


ITU-T H.323 Amd.1 "Use of FACILITY message to enable call transfer" (New)

TD 17/Plen


ITU-T H.450.04 "Call Hold Supplementary Service for H.323" (Rev.)

TD 33/Plen


ITU-T H.450.05 "Call Park and Call Pickup Supplementary Services for H.323" (Rev.)

TD 34/Plen


ITU-T H.450.07 "Message Waiting Indication Supplementary Service for H.323" (Rev.)

TD 35/Plen


ITU-T H.450.08 "Name Identification Supplementary Service for H.323" (Rev.)

TD 36/Plen


ITU-T H.460.01 "Guidelines for the use of the generic extensible framework" (Rev.)

TD 18/Plen


ITU-T H.460.02 "Number Portability interworking between H.323 and SCN networks" (Rev.)

TD 19/Plen


ITU-T H.460.06 "Extended Fast Connect feature" (Rev.)

TD 32/Plen


ITU-T H.460.07 "Digit maps within H.323 systems" (Rev.)

TD 40/Plen


ITU-T H.460.18 "Traversal of H.323 signalling across network address translators and firewalls" (Rev.)

TD 38/Plen


ITU-T H.460.19 "Traversal of H.323 media across network address translators and firewalls" (Rev.)

TD 39/Plen


ITU-T H.460.24 Amd.2 "Point-to-point media through network address translators and firewalls within ITU-T H.323 systems: Support for ITU H.460.19 multiplex media mode for point-to-point media" (New)

TD 37/Plen


ITU-T H.626.1 (ex H.VSMarch) "Architecture for mobile visual surveillance" (New)

TD 85/Plen


ITU-T H.751 (ex H.IPTV-RIM) "Metadata for Rights information interoperability" (New)

TD 78R1/Plen


ITU-T T.800 (2002) | ISO/IEC 15444-1 (2004) Amd.6 "Information technology - JPEG 2000 image coding system: Core coding system: Updated ICC profile support, bit depth and resolution clarifications" (New)

TD 79/Plen


ITU-T T.801 (2002) | ISO/IEC 15444-2 (2004) Amd.3 "Information technology – JPEG 2000 image coding system: Extensions: Box-based file format for JPEG XR, extended ROI boxes, XML boxing, compressed channel definition boxes, and representation of floating point" (New)

TD 87/Plen


ITU-T T.808 (2005) | ISO/IEC 15444-9 (2005) Amd.5 "Information technology – JPEG 2000 image coding system: Interactivity tools, APIs and protocols: UDP transport and additional enhancements to JPIP" (New)

TD 88/Plen


Notes:    *: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ slightly from the TD indicated. In particular, clean-up will be performed in the text and source code of G.718 Annex C and G.729.1 Annex G, and in the text of H.265 (ex H.HEVC) and H.264. These texts are planned for a later Last Call date.
**: expected AAP Announcement for Last Call

Recommendations Approved by SG 16 on the closing Plenary (according to A.8 §5)

None at this meeting.

Recommendations Decided by SG 16 on the closing Plenary

None at this meeting.

Other texts approved by SG 16



ITU-T H.741.1 Amd.1 "IPTV application event handling: Audience measurement operations for IPTV services: XML schema on audience measurement service discovery" (New)

TD 83/Plen


Implementors' Guides


ITU-T H.323 System Implementors' Guide (Rev.)

TD 74R1/Plen


Other materials


ITU-T Media Coding Summary Database (MCSD) (Rev.)

TD 82/Plen

NOTE – No Supplements or Technical Papers were approved at this SG 16 meeting.

Recommendations agreed for deletion by SG 16

None at this meeting.

Updates in the SG 16 management team and Rapporteurs

Click here for the complete list of the newly appointed SG 16 Rapporteurs.