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Executive Summary of the ITU-T Study Group 16 Meeting
(Geneva, 9-20 February 2015)

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Major accomplishments

Eight collocated activities:

Dates of next SG16 meeting and interim Working Party meetings

Map of meeting reports & Liaison Statements (as seen by the SG16 Plenary)

  Plen WP1 WP2 WP3
Meeting Report Q20: TD 321R1/Plen
Joint SG9,16: ‑
JWP: TD 320/Plen
TD 322/Plen
TD 323R1/Plen
TD 324R1/Plen
Liaison Statements
(21 in total)
Q20: TD 325R2/Plen
JWP: TD 354/Plen
TD 326/Plen
TD 327R1/Plen
TD 328R1/Plen
Work programme- TD 329/Plen
TD 330/Plen
TD 331/Plen


Summary of Questions' Results

Question 1/16 summary

Question 1/16 had a successful meeting and worked on the support of H.265 video in H.241/H.32x systems and on H.239 Web applications. Q1/16 reviewed some input documents pertaining to the common text ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1. Q1/16 proposed one recommendation for Consent. The Question does not plan to hold an interim Rapporteurs meeting.

Question 2/16 summary

Question 2/16 had a very successful and productive meeting, agreeing to put two documents forward for Consent and initiate work on one new work item.  The two documents put forward for Consent are H.460.27 "End-to-end session identifier for H.323 systems" and revised H.460.22 "Negotiation of security protocols for H.225.0 call signalling".  The Question also made progress several existing work items.  The experts met for a total of six quarters, three of which were joint with Question 5/16 to progress work on Telepresence and one of which was joint with Q1/16 to progress work on H.265 support in H.323 systems. No LSs were prepared by Q2/16 at this meeting. The Question plans on holding one interim meeting collocated with other WP1/16 Questions.

Question 3/16 summary

Question 3/16 met for 8 quarters to review some 79 documents. Q3/16 continued work on a number of existing work items which has resulted in two Recommendations for Consent. Revised ITU-T H.248.78 on bearer-level application gateways and Amendment 2 to ITU-T H.248.81 on guidelines on the use of the international emergency preference scheme (IEPS) call indicator and priority indicator in ITU-T H.248 profiles.  Two new work items were initiated: Revised H.248.41 "IP domain connection package" and revised H.Sup.13 "Common ITU-T H.248 terminology – Release 2". A number of Recommendations (H.248.66, H.248.74) continue to be on hold, due to the current unavailability of the needed / referenced IETF RFCs for Consent. One liaison statement was produced.

Question 5/16 summary

Question 5/16 had a successful meeting, and progressed work on the two work items. Nine contributions on audio/video parameters and signalling were presented and discussed.  Five related contributions submitted to Q2/16 were discussed in joint Q2/16 and Q5/16 sessions.  Updated baseline text for H.TPS-AV and H.TPS-SIG was prepared and accepted.  No input liaison statements were reviewed, and no output liaison statements were prepared. The Question is planning on holding one interim Rapporteur meeting.

Question 6/16 summary

The primary goals for Question 6/16 at this meeting of SG16 were to review the progress of Q6/16, JCT-VC, JCT-3V, and JPEG work, and reach AAP Consent on revised Rec. H.265 (V3), a new Rec. T.804 JPEG reference software amendment, and Approval for revised H.264.2 software with added support for 3D-HEVC. A substantial portion of the image coding work of Question 6/16 has been conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 (JPEG/JBIG). A substantial portion of the video coding work of Question 6/16 is currently being conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/‌SC 29/‌WG 11 (MPEG) in two organizations, known as the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on Video Coding (JCT-VC) and the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on 3D Video Coding (JCT-3V). Meetings of the JCT-VC and JCT-3V were held in a collocated fashion with this meeting of SG16 under its auspices. The JCT-VC is tasked with development of extensions to High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). The JCT-3V is tasked with development of 3D video coding extensions. A meeting of MPEG was also held in CICG and ITU facilities during the current meeting of SG 16. Q6/16 is planning to hold one Rapporteur meeting, one JCT-VC meeting, and one JCT-3V meeting before the next SG16 meeting in October 2015 and also to hold a meeting of the JCT-VC and of the JCT-3V in a collocated fashion with the next SG16 meeting in October 2015 under its auspices. The Question prepared two outgoing Liaison Statements.

Question 7/16 summary

Q7/16 which addresses mainly coordination aspects of media coding did not receive any contributions and no sessions were held during the SG16 meeting.

Question 10/16 summary

Question 10/16 advanced the work on ITU-T G.191 "Software tools for speech and audio coding standardization" and discussed documents on super wideband extensions to ITU-T G.718/G.729.1
and G.722 encoded-domain time-scaling. No outgoing liaison was prepared and Q10/16 is not planning on holding any Rapporteur meetings before the next SG 16 meeting.

Question 13/16 summary

Question 13/16 experts met in the context of IPTV-GSI event. Q13/16 progressed the work on twelve draft Recommendations: ITU-T H.721 (V2); ITU-T H.IPTV-CPI; ITU-T H.741.3 Amd.1; ITU-T H.741.4 Amd.1; ITU-T H.IPTV-EUIF; ITU-T H.Widget; ITU-T H.IPTV-TDD; ITU-T H.IPTV-TDES.4; ITU-T H.IPTV-MDS; H.770 Cor.1 and the texts of three draft Technical Papers: ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-CONF.H721; ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-CONF.H764; ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-HRM.2. The Question prepared six outgoing Liaison Statements. The group agreed to submit four draft Recommendations for Consent at this meeting: H.721 (V2); H.741.4 Amd.1; ITU-T H.770 (V2); and ITU-T H.IPTV-Widget; as well as four documents for Approval: H.741.1 Cor.1; H.741.2 Cor.1; H.741.3 Amd.1; and HSTP.IPTV-CONF.H721. It was also agreed that current version of the IPTV Green Book should be submitted for Approval at this meeting as a new ITU-T Technical Report. In a LS, Q13/16 expressed its interest to join IRG-IBB, in view of the technologies studied by the Question. The group plans to hold one rapporteur meeting during the next SG16 meeting in October 2015 and an interim meeting at the next IPTV-GSI meeting.

Question 14/16 summary

ITU-T Q14/16 had a meeting in the context of IPTV-GSI event in Geneva, Switzerland, 9-13 February 2015. The highlight of this meeting is the Question's decision to propose the draft new Recommendation ITU-T H.781 (ex H.DS-ARCH) "Digital signage: Functional architecture" for Consent at this SG16 meeting. Q14/16 agreed to revise three draft new Recommendations: H.DS-AM, H.DS-CASF, H.DS-META, and two draft Technical Papers: HSTP.DS-WDS, HSTP.DS-Gloss. The group plans on holding one interim meeting before the next SG16 meeting within the context of the IPTV-GSI event in 15-19 June 2015.

Question 15/16 summary

Question 15/16 advanced work on T.38 Annex D "Clarification of the SIP-level signalling of multiple T.38 configurations using legacy SDP offer/answer" and created a new Implementors' Guide which contains all updates submitted up to and including those at this Study Group 16 meeting. The Implementors' Guide (2012-05) is obsoleted because completely addressed by T.38 (2010) Amendment 1 (10/14). V.152 Consensus list including the current V.152 Implementors' Guide were also discussed. No outgoing liaison was prepared and Q10/16 is not planning on holding any Rapporteur meetings before the next SG 16 meeting.

Question 18/16 summary

At this meeting, Question 18/16 completed the text on Annex E on Embedded Echo Cancellers and new Appendix VIII on test methodologies for use on embedded echo cancellers. Both were integrated in the text of a draft revised G.168, which was put forward for Consent at this meeting. Q18/16 advanced the work on revised ITU-T G.161 "Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment", revised ITU-T G.168 "Digital network echo cancellers", revised ITU-T G.799.1 "Functionality and interface specifications for GSTN transport network equipment for interconnecting GSTN and IP networks", revised ITU-T G.799.2 "Mechanism for Dynamic Coordination of Voice Enhancement Signal Processing Functions" and revised ITU-T G.799.3 "Signal processing functionality and performance of an IP-to-IP voice gateway optimised for the transport of voice and voiceband data". No outgoing liaison was prepared and no interim meetings were proposed.

Question 20/16 Summary

Question 20/16 met for two quarters during this SG16 meeting. This was the 4th Q20/16 session in this new study period. Several incoming LSs of generic nature were discussed with relevant outgoing LSs drafted. Q20/16 also prepared several reply liaisons for JCA on PP-10 Resolution 178, ITU-R SG6, ITU-T SG15, ITU-D, ITU-R and TSAG.

Question 21/16 summary

Question 21/16 met for six quarters during this meeting under the chairmanship of Mr Noah Luo. Q21/16 continued the work on existing work items with 29 contributions that were reviewed and accepted. Eight new work items were created, which are F.MMAFReqs, F.CSVSReqs, F.VSSIReqs ,H.IVSArch, F.VCDNReqs, H.VDNArch, and revised versions of the speech-to-speech translation Recommendations F.745 and H.625. Existing work items, including H.VHN, F.CCNMMS, H.P2PVSArch, F.EMSArch and H.IQAS, etc., were updated based on discussion results. Draft new Recommendations H.IVSReqs has been proposed for Consent as ITU-T F.743.1. There is one outgoing LS prepared by the Question going out to ASTAP on speech-to-speech translation. The Questions plans on holding one interim meeting, collocated with other WP1/16 Questions.

Question 25/16 summary

Question 25/16 discussed 20 Contributions and three Liaison Statements. During the meeting, Q25/16 decided to start two draft new Recommendations, F.MS-RM "Relation management and descriptions for machine socialization" and F.IoT-ASF "Adaptive software framework for IoT devices". Q25/16 made progress in the work on six on-going draft Recommendations and produced ten output documents including the meeting report, two initial texts of draft new Recommendations, six revised texts of on-going draft Recommendations and one outgoing LS. The Question plans to hold one interim meeting collocated with the 11th IoT-GSI event in April 2015.

Question 26/16 summary

Question 26/16 met during the SG16 meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on 9-20 Feb. 2015. It reviewed 12 contributions. It agreed to create a new work item, a draft new Recommendation (ITU-T H.ACC-MMSIGN) "Abstract Language for Multimedia Signing". It agreed to merge 2 relay service related documents, F.relay and FSTP-RSDP. It also joined the meeting of Intersector Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility (IRG-AVA) on 17 February 2015. It produced no outgoing liaison statement.

Question 27/16 summary

There were 16 contributions submitted and discussed at the meeting related to H.VGP-ARCH, H.VG-FAM, and G.V2A. Q27/16 agreed to start a new work item, F.AUTO-TAX "Taxonomy for ICT-enabled motor vehicle automated driving systems". Q27/16 also revised the texts of H.VGP-ARCH, H.VG-FAM, and G.V2A.There were three incoming liaison statements. It was agreed to send a LS to SG17 on ITS security issues in draft new Recommendations of Q27/16, and another one to ISO TC204 and CITS on H.VG-FAM. Q27/16 plans to hold one interim meeting in July 2015.

Question 28/16 summary

Question 28/16 had meetings during IPTV-GSI and SG16 meeting on 9-20 February 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.  There was one contribution in addition to one liaison document from FG-AC (Focus Group on Aviation Application Cloud). After discussion, we decided to create a new work item ITU-T H.OPVQ, "E-health application for on-flight and post-flight virtual quarantine" and to revise ITU-T H.810 series. There was a showcasing event on e-Health, demonstrating implementations of H.810 (Continua Guidelines). The Question plans on holding one interim meeting (IPTV-GSI) and has produced one liaison statement.

Recommendations Consented by SG16 on the closing Plenary

Title Doc.* AAP/LC**
ITU-T F.743.1 (ex H.IVSReqs) "Requirements for intelligent visual surveillance" (New) TD 344R1/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T G.168 (V8) "Digital network echo cancellers" (Rev.) TD 353/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.222.0 (2014) | ISO/IEC 13818-1 (2015) Amd.1 "Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: delivery of timeline for external data" (New) TD 318/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.248.78 "Gateway control protocol: Bearer-level message backhauling and application level gateway" (Rev.) TD 343/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.248.81 Amd.2 "Gateway control protocol: Guidelines on the use of the international emergency preference scheme (IEPS) call indicator and priority indicator in ITU-T H.248 profiles: DiffServ signaling approach" (New) TD 332/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.265 V3 "High efficiency video coding" (Rev.) TD 348/PlenAAP-55
ITU-T H.460.22 "Negotiation of security protocols for H.225.0 call signalling" (Rev.) TD 319/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.460.27 (ex H.460.SessionID) "End-to-end session identifier for H.323 systems" (New) TD 345R1/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.721 (V2) "IPTV terminal devices: Basic model" (Rev.) TD 338/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.741.4 Amd.1 "IPTV application event handling: Transport mechanisms for audience measurement: XML schema on the data structures for message delivery" (New) TD 339/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.765 (ex H.IPTV-Widget) "Packaged IPTV application (widget) service" (New) TD 341R1/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.770 " Mechanisms for service discovery and selection for IPTV services " (Rev.) TD 340R2/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T H.781 (ex H.DS-ARCH) "Digital signage: Functional architecture" (New) TD 352/PlenAAP-54
ITU-T T.804 (2002) | ISO/IEC 15444 Amd.2 "Information technology - JPEG 2000 image coding system: Reference software: New reference software" (New) TD 349/PlenAAP-53

*: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ from the TD indicated. These texts are planned to start Last Call about eight weeks after the SG16 meeting (AAP-55).
**: expected AAP Announcement for Last Call

Recommendations Approved by SG16 on the closing Plenary (according to A.8 §5)

Recommendation Document
ITU-T H.264.2 "Reference software for ITU-T H.264 advanced video coding" (Rev.) TD 350/Plen

Recommendations Decided by SG16 on the closing Plenary

None at this meeting.

Other texts approved by SG16

Appendices Document
ITU-T H.741.1 Cor.1 "IPTV application event handling: Audience measurement operations for IPTV services: Correction on XML namespaces" (New)
TD 334/Plen
ITU-T H.741.2 Cor.1 "IPTV application event handling: Data structures of audience measurement for IPTV services: Correction on XML namespaces in Appendix I" (New)
TD 335/Plen
ITU-T H.741.3 Amd.1 "IPTV application event handling: Audience measurement for IPTV distributed content services: XML schema on the measurement data structures for Linear TV service" (New)
TD 336/Plen


Implementors'Guide Document
ITU-T T.38-IG "ITU-T T.38 Implementors' Guide" (New) TD 355/Plen


Technical Papers Document
ITU-T HSTP.CONF-H721 "Conformance testing specification for H.721" (Rev.) TD 337R1/Plen


Technical Reports Document
ITU-T Technical Report HSTR-IPTV-GB "IPTV Green Book" (New)
TD 356/Plen

* NOTE - No Supplements or other specific materials were approved at this SG16 meeting.

Recommendations agreed for deletion by SG16

None at this meeting.

Updates in the SG16 management team and Rapporteurs

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New Appointments:

Representatives and other roles:

Open positions:

* NOTE - Mr Seong-Ho Jeong will kindly perform as Rapporteur a.i. till Oct. 2015 for Q27/16.