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Study Group Structure

Q20/16Multimedia coordination
WP1/16Multimedia systems
Q1/16Multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing
Q2/16Packet-based conversational multimedia systems and functions
Q3/16Multimedia gateway control architectures and protocols
Q5/16Telepresence systems
Q21/16Multimedia framework, applications and services
WP2/16Multimedia services and accessibility
Q13/16Multimedia application platforms and end systems for IPTV
Q14/16Digital signage systems and services
Q25/16IoT applications and services
Q26/16Accessibility to multimedia systems and services
Q27/16Vehicle gateway platform for telecommunication/ITS services/applications
Q28/16Multimedia framework for e-health applications
WP3/16Media coding and signal processing
Q6/16Visual coding
Q7/16System and coordination aspects of media coding
Q10/16Speech and audio coding and related software tools
Q15/16Voiceband signal discrimination and modem/facsimile terminal protocols
Q16/16Speech enhancement functions in signal processing network equipment
Q18/16Signal processing network functions and equipment
Other groups under SG16
JCA-MMeSJoint Coordination Activity on Multimedia aspects of E-services

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