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SG11: Signalling requirements, protocols, test specifications and combating counterfeit products

Executive summary of the WP1/11 and WP2/11 meetings (Geneva, 12-13 July 2017)

Working Party 1/11 (Signalling requirements and protocols for emerging telecommunications networks) and Working Party 2/11 (Control and management protocols for IMT-2020) meetings were held in Geneva from 12 to 13 July 2017. The meetings were attended by 43 delegates from 9 countries. The meetings were preceded by SG11 Rapporteurs groups meetings of Questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13 and 14/11 (Geneva, 3-12 July 2017). Along with face-to-face meetings, most sessions from various Questions were supported by remote participation capabilities.

1           Approved and Consented Recommendations (ITU-T A.8)
WP1/11 did not consent any draft Recommendations, although one of the objectives of the WP1/11 meeting was to consent Q.SCO. Finally, it was proposed to finalize and consent the baseline text of Q.SCO at the next SG11 meeting (Geneva, 8-17 November 2017). This proposal was accepted at the WP1/11 meeting.

WP2/11 consented one Recommendation ITU-T X.609.3 (ex. X.mp2p-mssr) "Managed P2P communications: Multimedia streaming signalling requirements". The output document is available in SG11-TD11/WP2.

2          Supplements, Handbooks, Technical Papers, Guidelines and Corrigenda

2.1        Supplements

No Supplements were approved at this meeting.
2.2         Guidelines
No Guidelines were approved at this meeting.
2.3        Handbooks
No Handbooks were approved at this meeting.
2.4        Technical Papers
No Technical Papers were approved at this meeting
2.5         Corrigenda
No Corrigenda were approved at this meeting.

3            Reports of Rapporteurs meetings (Geneva, 3-12 July 2017)

WP1/11 and WP2/11 approved the following reports of the Rapporteur group meetings:

4            Highlights of WP1/11 and WP2/11 meetings

SDN, 5G/IMT-2020 activities
There is progress on the following work items related to SDN-based technologies:

  • Q.SCO, "Signalling Requirements for SDN and NFV based Central Office services";
  • Q.PVMapping, "Signalling Requirements for Mapping between Physical and Virtual Networks";
  • Q.SVDC, "Signalling requirements of the Sew interface for Virtual Data Center";
  • Q.BNG-DBoD, "Signalling requirements for dynamic bandwidth adjustment on demand on broadband network gateway implemented by SDN technologies";
  • Q.SAN-MIM, "Signalling requirements of SDN-based access networks with media independent management capabilities";
  • Q.NEA-REQ, "NFV entity access network signalling requirement";
  • X.mp2p-mssr, "Managed peer-to-peer communications: Multimedia Streaming Signalling Requirements (MSSR)"
  • X.mp2p-mspp, "Managed peer-to-peer communications: Multimedia Streaming Peer Protocol (MSPP)"
  • X.mp2p-msomp, "Managed peer-to-peer communications: Multimedia streaming overlay management protocol (MSOMP)"

It was agreed to start the following new work items:

  • Q.SCC, "Signalling requirements and information model of Cooperative Controller";
  • Q.NS-LCMP, "Protocol for network slice lifecycle management";
  • Q.IEC-REQ, "Signalling requirement of intelligent edge computing";
  • Q.MEA-SRA, "Signalling requirement and architecture for media service entity attachment";
  • X.mp2p-cdp, "Managed peer-to-peer communications: Content distribution protocol"

Note: it was proposed to consent 7 new draft Recommendations (Q.SCO, Q.PVMapping, Q.IPv6ProBB, Q.BNG-DBoD, Q.SAN-MIM, X.mp2p-mspp, X.mp2p-msomp) at the next SG11 meeting (8-17 November 2017).

VoLTE/ViLTE interconnection
The meeting made progress on Q.suppl_VoLTE_ETS_Interconnection "Signalling requirements for interconnection between VoLTE-based network and other networks supporting emergency telecommunications service (ETS)".

Virtualization of control network entities in next generation network
The meeting made progress on Q.VCNSA "Signalling architecture for virtualization of control network entities".

5           Outgoing Liaison Statements
The following table shows the list of outgoing liaison statements.
1SG11-TD13/WP1Q4/11WP1/11SG13, JCA-SDNFor informationLS/o on recent SDN-related developments in SG11: one new work item
2SG11-TD10R1/WP2Q6/11WP2/11ITU-T SG13For informationLS/o on a new work item about protocol for network slice lifecycle management


6           Approved new work items
The following table shows the new approved work items.
No.QWork item (Draft Recs)StatusTitleEditorTimingRef.
1Q4/11Q.SCCNewSignalling requirements and information model of Cooperative ControllerYi Zheng
Bo Lei
2Q6/11Q.NS-LCMPNewProtocol for network slice lifecycle managementHaining Wang, Bo Lei, Wei Chen2018 Q4SG11-TD9/WP2
3Q7/11Q.IEC-REQNewSignalling requirement of intelligent edge computingKwihoon Kim, Jongmin Lee, Taewan You2018-12SG11-TD16/WP2
4Q7/11Q.MEA-SRANewSignalling requirement and architecture for media service entity attachmentJongmin Lee, Yangjung Kim2019-06SG11-TD18/WP2
5Q8/11X.mp2p-cdpNewManaged peer-to-peer communications: Content distribution protocolChangkyu LEE, Wook HYUN2018-12SG11-TD13/WP2

7           Future meetings and next Study Group 11 meeting
7.1        Rapporteur groups
The following interim Rapporteurs' groups meetings are agreed by WP1/11 and WP2/11
Question/WPDatePlace / HostTerms of referenceContact
Q4/116-8 September 2017 9:00-11:00 (Geneva time)E-meeting- Progress Q.SCO, Q.PVMapping, and Q.IPv6ProBB to be ready for consent
- Progress all on-going work items.
- Consider any contributions proposing new work items.
Q7/114–8 September 2017E-meetingProgress all Q7/11 on-going work items and new work proposalsJongmin LEE (
Q8/1128 August – 1 September 2017E-meetingProgress all Q8/11 on-going work items and new work proposalsShin-Gak KANG (

7.2 Next SG11 meeting

The next SG11 meeting is scheduled to take place in Geneva, 8-17 November 2017 (to be confirmed).
The objectives for the meeting are highlighted below:
  • To finalize and consent Q.SCO, Q.PVMapping, Q.IPv6ProBB, and Q.BNG-DBoD
  • To approve WP1/11 output documents
  • To approve outgoing liaison statements
  • To review work programme
  • To agree the future interim meetings
  • To consider future activities
  • To consider work plan for the next meetings
  • To progress ongoing signalling architecture studies such as Q.VCNSA;
  • To consider any contributions proposing new work items related to signalling architecture.
  • Progress Q.suppl.VoLTE_ETS_Interconnection and Q.suppl.NGN_pri_Interconnection;
  • Consider any other contributions proposing new work items.
  • Consent Q.IPv6ProBB, Q.PVMapping, and Q.SCO
  • Progress Q.SMO, Q.SVDC, Q.SD-WAN, and Q.SCC
  • Discuss new work item introduced by contributions
  • Review the work program and modify the Action Plan
  • But are not limited to.
  • Consent the ongoing work programme Q.BNG-DBOD
  • Progress on draft recommendation of Q.BNG-IAP and Q.BNG-CFS
  • Consider any contributions proposing new work items
  • Other business.
  • Consent ITU-T Q.SAN-MIM, X.mp2p-mspp, X.mp2p-msomp
  • Progress all Q6/11 on-going work items
  • Discuss new work item proposal
  • Progress all Q7/11 on-going work items
  • Propose consent of ITU-T Q.SAN-MIM
  • Discuss new work item proposal
  • Progress all Q8/11 on-going work items
  • Propose consent of ITU-T X.mp2p-mspp, X.mp2p-msomp
  • Discuss new work item proposal

8           Liaison officers and Rapporteurs
A new associate Rapporteur was appointed by WP2/11 for Question 7/11. The contacts of the new Associate Rapporteur are reported below:

Kwihoon KIM
Korea (Rep. of)
Tel: +82 42 8606746 
Fax: +82 42 8611342 
Email: kwihooi[at]
The list of Rapporteurs can be found at:

9           Other business
WP1/11 and WP2/11 Chairman highlighted that there is a proposal to organize a one-day Workshop on "Control plane of future networks including IMT-2020. Current issues and the way forward" which may take place back-to-back with the next SG11 meeting (8-17 November 2017). The event is not confirmed yet, however, the dates and potential agenda might be confirmed early September 2017.

The initial intention of the Workshop is to discuss:

  • status of current and future ITU activities in control plane of the future networks;
  • worldwide practices and perspective on future networks;
  • control plane of 5G/IMT-2020.

The workshop also intends to organize a brainstorming session aimed at discussing current signalling/networking issues and areas of standardization of control plane of the future networks, including IMT-2020. In addition, a demo-zone may be organized in parallel to the Workshop.

Participants of WP1/11 and WP2/11 were encouraged to submit their proposals to the Chairmen of WP1/11 and WP2/11 respectively ( and, copy