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Bilel Jamoussi
Chief of Study Group Department, TSB, ITU

Tunisian born, Dr. Bilel Jamoussi is Chief of the Study Groups Department of ITU Standardization Bureau in Geneva Switzerland. Since 2010, he has been leading the bureau’s standards making activities into a new era characterized by rapid convergence and the need for increased collaboration with vertical sectors and partnership between developed and developing countries. Prior to 2010, Jamoussi worked for a Telecommunication equipment and solutions provider for 15 years in Canada and then in the United States where he held several leadership positions and was granted 22 US patents in diverse areas including packet, optical, wireless, and quality of service. He holds a BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, USA. He is fluent in Arabic, French, and English and speaks some Spanish and German.
​​​Assaf Klinger
Head of R&D, Vaulto

Assaf Klinger is an accomplished cyber security entrepreneur, in the last 3 years, Assaf is Vaulto’s R&D lead. A native of Israel, he over has 20 years' experience as a full stack developer and researcher with specialty in cyber-telcom vulnerability research.  Assaf is an ISNU veteran of 13 years (Maj.) and has led the development of many complex systems, for this Assaf was decorated at 2011 with the Israel Defense award, the highest award a non-combatant in Israel, given for exceptional technological achievements and major contribution to the security if Israel. Assaf has a BSc. in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv university and an MBA from the Technion, in the past 3 years Assaf and his team at Vaulto created the first cyber-telecom security startup Aiming to protect the end-users from attacks while providing a seamless solution that doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Assaf is a family man, married with twins, in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and music.
Rafe Mazer
Project Director, Consumer Protection, Innovations for Poverty Action

Rafe Mazer directs IPA's consumer protection research project, integrating experimental research into the development of consumer protection policies in the context of financial inclusion. Rafe has worked for ten years with providers, regulators, and researchers across the globe to improve consumer protection in areas such as financial advice, pricing transparency, data protection, and competition. He has a BA from Pomona College and an MA in International Development Policy from Duke University.
​​Alexander Resch

Alexander Resch joined INTERPOL’s General Secretariat in 2017 and is working as specialized officer in the Financial Crime Unit. He is a seconded police officer from the Bavarian State Police of the Federal Republic of Germany. He has worked as police officer and investigator for more than 20 years and has broad experience in combatting and tackling various crime phenomena such as drug trafficking, terrorism, but in particular financial and economic crime including cyber-enabled crime. He was awarded with the degree “Master of Arts (Police Management)” of the German Police University in Muenster and since that time served in police leadership functions including Task Forces to investigate serious and organized crime incidents.”
Thomas Silkjær
Founder and CEO, is a resource for insights, analytics, and AML data for the XRP ledger. Maintaining a graph representation of all transactions ever made, data of illicit activities is also collected, and by adding proprietary logic, the data is extrapolated and generates an advisory list, warning virtual asset service providers about the potential danger of interacting with these accounts. The data is used to monitor activity in real-time and work with virtual asset service providers and law enforcement agencies to help prevent laundering, comply with regulations, and supply evidence. Thomas has a background in graphic design and software development and contributes to on blockchain and big data.
Jami Hubbard Solli
Commercial Litigation Lawyer, GALA

Jami Hubbard Solli was a commercial litigation lawyer in New York, following which she worked for an Italian law firm, Studio Legale Carnelutti assisting their international corporate clients. In 2005 (the UN's Year of Microcredit), she joined the International Development Law Organization in Rome and focused on financial sector regulation and financial consumer protection in developing countries. Since 2011, she has consulted for an array of clients on financial consumer protection, financial literacy and access to redress; including Consumers International, UK, a global federation of consumer organizations, various UN bodies, and the Asian Development Bank.
She has a particular interest in fraud prevention, applying the principles of experiential learning to financial education and assisting consumers to obtain debt relief; and has established a public interest advocacy organization called the Global Alliance for Legal Aid which works on these issues.