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Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-D  RPM-EUR - Day 1 - morning session@Virtual Room (ITU-D) 208:0013:15
ITU-D  RPM-EUR - Informal meeting with Heads of Delegation@T10309:0009:30
ITU-T  Test CRM@Virtual Room (TSB) 0110:0011:00
ITU-D  Atelier PRIDA sur les enchères du spectre@Virtual Room (ITU-D) 110:0013:15
ITU-T  TSAG Plenary@Popov12:3013:55
ITU-D  Test session for Information session and virtual launch "ITU Online Training Modules on Emergency Telecommunications"@Virtual Room (ITU-D) 114:0015:00
ITU-T  TSAG Plenary@Popov14:0015:30
ITU-D  RPM-EUR - Day 1 - Afternoon session@Virtual Room (ITU-D) 214:0017:15
ITU-D  RPM-EUR - Drafting group on Regional Initaitives@Virtual Room (ITU-D) 217:3019:30