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ITU Sector & Academia Membership Fees

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​​In order to have access to all the benefits of ITU, become a Member of All Three Sectors!
This will give your company full access to all three Sectors around the world, plus enhanced visibility and networking benefits for a single fee of 71'550 CHF per year.

ITU Membership fees​​ in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Sector/ CategorySECTOR MEMBER
one Study Group
​Membership in All Three Sectors,  TOTALCHF ​7​1'550​CHF ​3'975 ​(2)
​Sector Membership, ITU-R (Radiocommunication)​ CHF 31'800 (1)CHF ​10'600 (3) (4)
​Sector Membership,ITU-T (Standardization)​ CHF 31'800 (1)CHF ​10'600 (3) (4)
​Sector Membership, ITU-D (Development)CHF ​7'950 (2)​ CHF 3'975 (2)

(1)The minimum rate is noted above. Larger organizations may choose to pay more to reflect their global reach and status in the industry, while those from some low-income countries can pay as little as CHF 3'975. 

(2)The standard rate is noted above. Organizations located in developing countries may pay 50% of this amount . Please contact the membership team for the list of countries:

(3)The standard rate is noted above. Company/organization from developed countries that meet criteria for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) ( PP-18 Resolution 209. (Dubai, 2018)) could be eligible for the reduced fee which is CHF 3'975. Please, find more about criteria here.

4)The standard rate is noted above. Company/organization from developing countries that meet criteria for SMEs  (PP-18 Resolution 209. (Dubai, 2018))  could be eligible for the reduced fee which is CHF 1'987 ​​. Please, find more about criteria here.​

​Benefits to being a Member of All Three Sectors​

Alternatively, you can choose to join one ​or two ITU sectors or to become an associate. You decide what suits you best.
Contact, if you require assistance in identifying the best fit for the current needs and objectives of your organization.

Sector Members:
Have the right to participate in all activities in ITU, including chairing groups, take part in consensus-based decisions, and make contributions to all meetings. 

Participate in only ​one Study Group from one sector, and cannot take part in the decision-making process. ​​