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Data and statistics

​​ ​Data Stats Backgrounder


Challenges and opportunities

 To build confidence and trust in digital technologies, data access, privacy and confidentiality are necessary for certain types of sensitive and/or personal information. Access to certain types of data may be restricted for different reasons – to conform with legislation (e.g. the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in the EU) or because information is commercially sensitive (e.g. trade blueprints or information to respect copyrights).

National Statistical Offices (NSOs) are monitoring these developments carefully, with a number of NSOs and regulators moving to consider how big data can be used wisely and legitimately, with adequate safeguards in place to protect privacy and data confidentiality.

To ensure accurate analysis and comparison between countries and over time, data series have to be defined in a standardized way and should be collected using certified or similar techniques. ​


ITU’s role

What else does ITU measure?


Last update: November 2019 ​