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Radiocommunication Assembly (RA) 2019

​Speech by ITU Secretary-General, Houlin Zhao 

Radiocommunication Assembly (RA) 2019: Opening ceremony

21 October 2019, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt  

Mr Chairman,
Mr Maniewicz, Director of BR,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my honour to address this Assembly. Allow me first to thank the Arab Republic of Egypt for its generous support and strong and effective commitment to a successful Radiocommunication Assembly 2019.

The Radio Assembly is an important reminder of the Sector's central role in the technological progress of telecommunications. With each new Assembly, issues become more diverse and complex. In turn, technical solutions require greater innovation and skills.

Considerations of regulatory and procedural issues, however, cannot be divorced from the technical studies. Your task, as defined in the ITU Constitution and Convention, is to provide the necessary technical bases for the work of World Radiocommunication Conferences and to respond to all requests from these conferences.

This week, you will consider and refine the working methods and procedures of the Radiocommunication Sector. In particular, you are asked to consider the structure and review the working methods of ITU-R Study Groups, the Coordination Committee for Vocabulary and the Conference Preparatory Meeting − and ensure that they follow efficient and effective practices commensurate with the budget available. You will also be considering future work programmes, recognizing the ever-changing global telecommunications environment in which we operate.

In responding to these directives, this Assembly once again demonstrates the central role that the Radiocommunication Sector plays in the technological progress of telecommunications. In approving Recommendations and in defining future activities, you are recognizing the rapid changes underway in the global telecommunications environment and reacting in a manner commensurate with its future needs.

I look forward to hearing the results of your important deliberations.  And I wish you a successful Radio Assembly!

Thank you.​