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ITU is committed to becoming a fully accessible organization for staff, delegates and the general public living with disabilities. To promote digital inclusion and encourage content dissemination, our publications have been created in additional formats downloadable on multiple platforms. The Publications listed below are available as Accessible Pdf, ePub (IoS and Android) and Moby (Kindle) formats.

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 United Nations Activities on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Digital transformation and the role of enterprise architecture
Estudio de caso: El ecosistema digital y la masificación de las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones (TIC) en Ecuador
ICT, environment and climate change
ICT infrastructure business planning toolkit
Small Island Dveloping States (SIDS) and ICT: Mid-term review of the Samoa pathway
U4SSC - United 4 Smart Sustainable cities
The State of Broadband : Broadband as a Foundation for Sustainable Development
Economic impact of broadband in LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS - An empirical study
Digital Skills Insights
Economic contribution of broadband, digitization and ICT regulation: Econometric modelling for the Americas
Economic contribution of broadband, digitization and ICT regulation: Econometric modelling for Africa

 Global Cybersecurity Index
The economic contribution of broadband, digitalization and ICT regulation
Measuring the Information Society Report
Capacity building in a Changing ICT Environment
The State of Broadband 2018: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development
Global ICT Regulatory Outlook
Maximising availability of international connectivity in the Pacific
Digital Skills Toolkit
Setting the scene for 5G: opportunities and challenges
Digital Identity Roadmap Guide
Powering the digital economy: Regulatory approches to securing consumer privacy, trust and security
Digital identity in the ICT ecosystem: An overview
Handbook for the development of a policy framework on ICT/E-WASTE
ICT for Energy - Telecommunications and energy working for sustainable development
The Future of Cable TV : Trends and Implications
Assessing the Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence
Estudio sobre TIC y salud pública en América Latina: la perspectiva de e-salud y m-salud
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in Europe 2016-2018
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 2016-2018
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in Arab States 2016-2018
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in the Americas 2016-2018
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in Africa 2016-2018
WSIS Regional Stocktaking Report in Asia and Pacific 2016-2018
ITU International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Strategic Guidelines
Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCS) in the Americas Region - Connectivity Challenges and Opportunities - Paraguay
Landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) in the Americas region - Connectivity challenges and opportunities - Bolivia
El ecosistema digital y la masificación de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TIC) en Nicaragua
Report on the WSIS Stocktaking 2018
WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2018
Regulatory challenges and opportunities in the new ICT ecosystem
Bridging the digital innovation divide: A toolkit for strengthening ICT centric ecosystems
ICT-centric innovation ecosystem country review: Republic of Moldova
ICTs, LDCs and the SDGs - Achieving universal and affordable Internet in the least developed countries

 ICT Prices
Quality of Service Regulation Manual
The APP economy in Africa: economic benefits and regulatory directions
Question 2/2: Information and telecommunications/ICTs for e-health
Estudio de Caso: El ecosistema digital y la masificación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC) en Panamá
Resolution 9: Evolving spectrum management tools to support development needs
Question 9/2: Identification of study topics in the ITU-T and ITU-R study groups which are of particular interest to developing countries
Question 8/2: Strategies and policies for the proper disposal or reuse of telecommunication/ICT waste material
Question 7/2: Strategies and policies concerning human exposure to electromagnetic fields
Question 6/2: ICT and climate change
Question 5/2: Utilization of telecommunications/ICTs for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response
Question 4/2: Assistance to developing countries for implementing conformance and interoperability programmes
Question 3/2: Securing information and communication networks: Best practices for developing a culture of cybersecurity
Question 1/2: Creating the smart society: Social and economic development through ICT applications
Question 8/1: Examination of strategies and methods of migration from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting and implementation of new services
Question 7/1: Access to telecommunication/ICT services by persons with disabilities and with specific needs
Question 6/1: Consumer information, protection and rights: Laws, regulation, economic bases, consumer networks
Question 5/1: Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas
Question 4/1: Economic policies and methods of determining the costs of services related to national telecommunication/ICT networks including next-generation networks
Question 3/1: Access to cloud computing: challenges and opportunities for developing countries
Question 2/1: Broadband access technologies, including IMT, for developing countries
Question 1/1: Policy, regulatory and technical aspects of the migration from existing networks to broadband networks in developing countries, including next-generation networks, m-services, OTT services and the implementation of IPv6
The State of Broadband 2017
Digital Financial Services (DFS)
Maximising availability of international connectivity in developing countries: Strategies to ensure global digital inclusion
El ecosistema digital y la masificación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC) en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

Posted earlier than 2017
 Medición de la Independencia Formal de Autoridades Regulatorias en Telecomunicaciones utilizando un adaptación del Índice Gilardi
Digital financial services: Regulating for Financial Inclusion - An ICT Perspective
A review of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the ICT Sector
Trends in tech MSMEs and Startup Support
FG AC - Focus Group on Aviation Applications of Cloud Computing for Flight Data Monitoring
A Case Study of ONA - East Africa One Network Area roaming initiative
Assignment and use of radio spectrum - policy guidelines and economic aspects
The State of Broadband 2016: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development
El ecosistema digital y la masificación de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones en Paraguay
Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2016: Regulatory Incentives to Achieve Digital Opportunities
Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2015: Getting ready for the digital economy
Model ICT accessibility policy report
Making mobile phones and services accessible for persons with disabilities
Making Television Accessible