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Lexicon of Telecommunication Terms
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This handy volume comprises two sections, Arabic-French-English and English-French-Arabic, and contains over 10,000 telecommunication terms.
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Telecommunication Terminology Database (TERMITE)
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Freely accessible through ITU's Telecom Information Exchange Services (TIES), TERMITE (approximately 60,000 entries) contains all the terms appearing in formerly published lexicons and is constantly updated. Although essentially devoted to telecommunication terms relating to technical standards, the database also covers other technical fields as well as administrative and financial matters relevant to the structure and functioning of ITU. The entries are mainly in English, French, Spanish and sometimes Russian (transcribed). A small number may also contain Italian, German and Portuguese. See:
Provisional List of Terms Constituting the ITU Terminology Base "TERMITE" - Volumes I and II
Geneva, 1996  

TERMITE (TERMInology of TElecommunications) came into being in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1978, initially to satisfy the in-house translation requirements. This terminology base very rapidly became an essential tool for all technicians, engineers, translators and administrators involved in telecommunications. TERMITE now overs not only technical telecommunication vocabulary but also the administrative and financial vocabulary relating to ITU's structure and operations. Incorporating as it does all previous lexicons and glossaries as well as many new entries and updates, TERMITE now comprises over 59 000 entries. Volumes I & II contain a trilingual English-French-Spanish list. In these two main volumes, entries are preceded by their location number and are sorted in English alphabetical order, followed by the French and Spanish equivalents.
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TERMITE (TERMInologie des TElécommunications) - French and Spanish Indexes
Geneva, 1996  

In the French and Spanish indexes, the terms, sorted on the language of the index, are accompanied by the location number of the entry in the main volumes.
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