Climate Change podcast

Curious about how technology can help mitigate climate change?

ITU's new podcast is the first in a series that looks at how technology is helping to shape the world around us.

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One UN for Climate

​​​“Let's unite to build Smart Sustainable Cities" said ITU Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Johnson at COP25 in Madrid.

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New ITU standard on quantum

​A new ITU standard describes the networking concepts to underpin Quantum Key Distribution. It is the first of a series of emerging ITU standards on network and security aspects of quantum information technologies. 

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Kaleidoscope 2019

​ITU's academic conference, Kaleidoscope, is hosted this year by the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, United States from 4-6 December. The Kaleidoscope 2019 theme is “ICT for health: Networks, standards and innovation."

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国际电联接纳了700多个部门成员和部门准成员    更多信息


ITU HQ Building

​成为新的国际电联的一部分。参与发展进程。有关赞助机遇,请点击 此处